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Shrooms+GHB Panacea?

From the people who brought you "Amazing New Synergistic Effect Between Garlic and Mushrooms", comes another exciting discovery; GHB and Shrooms, the Panacea of Life ?

From the people who brought you "Amazing New Synergistic Effect Between Garlic and Mushrooms", comes another exciting discovery; GHB and Shrooms, the Panacea of Life ?

The experience I have to relate is both extremely beautiful and very interesting. Tara, myself and two of our tripping buddies took 3 grams of dried Semilanceata and went to Richmond Park last Sunday. Before I begin the report, I'd like to say that this experience has definitely re-affirmed the whole psychedelic thing for me. If there's one experience that really makes everything else worth while, it's that. I'm so grateful that these things exist because without them live would be very difficult to come to terms with.

Back to the experience. We gathered at the house all with the same intentions. It had been a while, so we were all really looking forward to the trip, with glee if not with some of the usual trepidation. Tara and I had been experimenting with an interesting natural mood enhancer called GHB, so we decided it would be a good idea to try a synergy of the two; GHB and mushrooms. The other two decided against this. The material was powdered mushroom from last season (August 97) that had been kept in an airtight container in the freezer. None of us had any doubt that it would still be potent (in my experience, Semilanceata is by far the most potent of all the ingestible psilocybe shrooms., apparently up to 1.5% of the dried weight). They smelled terrible, VERY shroomy. Tara and I encapsulated our doses and took them with about 1. 5g of GHB dissolved in water. A. mixed his in a cup of hot chocolate and drank it, and S. simply washed the powder down with water (uurgh!)

Although overcast, the day was bright and warm, full of the scent of spring blossoms, altogether very nice. The happy foursome left for Richmond Park. The route to the park takes one along the banks of the Thames for about a half-mile, which is in itself a very aesthetically pleasing experience. After about 15 minutes, the GHB had taken its effect on Tara and myself, and we were beginning to feel quite relaxed and euphoric. The other two had not yet begun to feel anything. About 10 minutes later, A. and S. noticed the first twinges on psilocybin. For Tara and myself, the euphoria began to grow and grow, eventually into something we had never experienced before on mushrooms alone. We had stopped in a small glade near the river, but the effects were increasing so we headed off again, definitely tripping now, to the park. An observation I had, is that the GHB made the transition from "normal" to tripping VERY easy, with none of the fight or flight sensations that I normally experience.

On reaching the park, everything we stumbled, laughing into the trees and the peak began. The feeling of euphoria grew to incredible proportions, I have never felt like that before. A. and S. are far more giggly while tripping than Tara and myself, who take it more seriously at some points. So we always end up parting at some points so as not to interfere with each other's experiences. Tara and myself sat down on the grass in a field. What happened from that point on, I can only describe as a fully-fledged DMT experience, only slower and less intense. In fact, the experience was accompanied at all time by a very calm, almost serene feeling, which at some moments culminated in little peaks of amazing euphoria. In the peak of our ecstasy, sitting back to back on the grass, our heads seemed to open up, providing a panoramic field of vision that seemed to extent 360' in all directions. A white light filled the extremities of this field, and simultaneously an amazing braided pattern began manifesting on everything around us. Waves of energy seemed to wash over the landscape, generating subtle hues of colour not normally observed in the seratonin buzz. The pattern seemed alive, and I had the impression that it would eventually crystallise around me and reveal itself to be some fundamental structure surrounding us, always hidden from normal consciousness. The scenery seemed to be moving in layers around us, washing over itself with beautiful flowing waves.

After this, we joined once more as a foursome and heading off through the park again, not knowing where we were going (we were way past that!). As a light rain began, I noticed I could distinguish the sound of each drop as it hit the dry leaves on the ground. I could simultaneously listen to hundreds of drops hitting the ground at the same time, what lovely music! At one point, we stopped next to an ancient gnarled tree, shaped like a twisted hand. As we stood around, exclaiming and laughing, a strange new feeling infiltrated our group. Ego loss occurred. Suddenly we seemed to lose our purpose, we were monkeys, stumbling around. I seemed to lose my connection to a very important park of my brain. It seemed strange how this happened to the four of us all at the same time. I felt faced with my own mortality, visions of my family passed through my mind and a weird disjointed sensation ensued. When we discussed this later, we discovered that we had all felt this momentary dislocation from everything, even from each other. Consciousness is the great psychic connector. It weaves life together into a seamless fabric of experience. With psychedelics, this process can get disrupted and consciousness can find itself faced with a psychological dead end. Panic is usually the result, or else the mind invents something to fill in the gap. After moving away from that spot, the feeling altered completely again, the incredible euphoria returned. It was obvious that Tara and I were experiencing much more euphoria than A. and S. and I can only put this down to the GHB.

After this we heading off again, still tripping hard. Someone sneezed and some tissues were passed around. Suddenly we all found ourselves with wads of pink tissue paper in our hands, wiping our noses and finding the whole thing hilariously funny; we just didn't know what to do with it! Eventually the visuals subsided, but the euphoria continued on, strong as before. My body was virtually vibrating with joy, as trillings of energy giggled through me. We walked home, skipping and laughing, renewed, healed, refreshed, awed, enlightened! Feeling like we'd been away for weeks! And much more that I simply cannot put into words, but you know what I mean!

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