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I was very confused.

I was at work waiting to get out so my friend could come over.

I was at work waiting to get out so my friend could come over. He showed up while I was at work and was like "dude I got shrooms." I was excited. This wasnt my first time but I never hallucinated as much as I did this night. We each ate half an 8th around midnight. We were watching Willy Wonka. About 20 minutes later the ceiling tiles started to move. I was happy because I have ate shrooms that havent worked and I get really mad and dissapointed. Then I looked at the carpet. The carpet looks like colorful water because it was flowing in a weird direction and I was seeing strange outlines ontop of the colors. In the next half hour I ended up on the carpet staring at the wall and I saw a fuckin weird monster with huge fangs. It looked like a hologram. I told my friend to come over and lay down on the ground next to me and check it out. He saw a giant spider. My sister was drunk and with us at the time. She kept on thinking I was dying because I kept freaking out. Justin was rolling around on the carpet with me. He saw me pull my skin off my face. I saw him and my sister turn into large computer chips. It was scary. I stared at my hand for a bit then watched my fingers melt into the carpet, as well as my friend Justin melted into the carpet. I got up and walked over to my large mirror. I stared at my reflection. I did not look the same. My eyes kept on moving farther and closer to my nose. My body seemed like it was shrinking. Then I saw my chin dip down and the skin fall off my face and neck. I saw a skeleton. I freaked out and walked over to the couch where my sister and Justin were. Justins hair looked like it was on fire. Justin looked paranoid but happy. He told me I looked like a demon and that a bunch of people were outside my basement door. I started to feel very confused about life. Everything I thought about seemed unreal and impossible. I didn't understand my feelings. We rolled around on the floor some more. Then I went up to the television. I could see my hand go into the tv. Justin saw it too. We went upstairs rolled around on the floor in the kitchen and talked about shit. We went back downstairs, and watched a family guy episode. It was funny but looked strange. I could see echoes of the peoples bodies and it kinda looked like an oil painting. It was a very good feeling though. I went upstairs around 5 am and was still tripping. I went online and played some piano. My friend came up at 5:30 and tried to explain life to me. I didn't understand. I fell asleep around 6:30. Justin didn't sleep. He was too awake. He left early and told me he saw the lines moving on the road and went to the grocery store and just felt the walls. He was amazed by the sense of touch. He said everything felt knew. He felt his hair for hours in my basement when he was tripping. It was funny. It was one of the best nights of my life. The end.

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