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First time! (LIVE!)

This is my first shrooming and psychedelic experience following my introduction to cannabis.

This is my first shrooming and psychedelic experience following my introduction to cannabis. It was written as it happened (originally took place a while ago ... april 4, 1995, to be exact) and i tell you, there is no way to anticipate these experiences, especially during your first trip ... enjoy! (BTW, this involved me and my REAL friend ... just so you know i'm not making someone up who wasn't there ;)

5:10 pm - have finished eating some shrooms. I’m not sure how much i’ve eaten, but it should be enough to get effects. Nothing yet, but we anticipate something soon.

I feel a bit weird. Maybe because I’m slightly nervous...I don’t know what to expect. i hope it will give me a chance to see everything in a different way, in my indifference. Cheers, or whatever you say before you embark on a dazzling visual and psychoanalitic journey into the centre of my mind...

5:33 pm - We’re watching football follies and I feel kind weird. The phone is ringing, but no one is gonna answer. because we will be so far gone...

Not much is happening right now. I feel different, but nothing really noticable like a pot buzz or drunkeness. Trippiness must come later. I’ll keep this updated to know what time to expect next time.

5:57 pm - Ok, here i go. The trip is beginning, mein freund. I expect it will only get better from here, n’est-ce pas? My hands are jittering a bit and i feel weird. Not sure of how to put it, but i feel odd. My stomach feels weird...maybe because i haven’t eaten anything really all day.

Nothing yet. Jus you wait!

6:36 pm - Weird. I feel slightly nauseous and my legs are very weak. Hmmm...my arms too. Things are bulging and waving around too. Very interesting indeed. No really abstract thoughts yet, but i’m not very far into the trip yet. I’ll wait and see what happens. You see, i’m a very patient type of human. Yes, it is me.

I see a slighjtly pinkish screen. My stomach feels weird and the keyboard is eluding me! I see the keys dropping as if my pressing them causes great pain and they are avoiding the tortures hanbd!

7:30 pm - things are really clipping along now. The trip has forced it’s way into my brain at a monumentous pace. I have enormous amounts of energy. It’s pretty wild. I just have to move or something. Like if i fucking chugged a bottle of the mini-thingies. Yea!!! Wow. This is just incredible. We’re listening to Yes now and they are fucking GREAT!!! Just went and checked out me face inthe mirrow and i aged infornt of myself. Fucking wrird!!! Oh, man. When the music slows down, i slow down too. I’m like a lizard. Not cold-blooded as such, but high energy music makes me move faster and with more pep. Hmm...wonder if that’s how it is when you’re not trpping? Probably. You just don’t notice it as much. I just watched the curtains ripple in and out fo themselves. THis is the most incredible thing i’ve ever experienced. I am tripping out of muy goddamn mind!!! >:) yes!!! It;’s true. C’est vrai, as my french brothers would put it. The amount of energy...where does it all come from? I’m not religious, but does it come from the earth? LIke from the shrooms and they come from the earth? THe conncetion s just boggle the mind. Ohmygod!!! There’s musci to be played, friends. Shrooms forever!!! These aren’t bungshrooms, i can honestly tell joe! Brandon’t bass puts out an incredible vibe, huh? Yea, mutha...hella. I’m gonna have to ask jaymz what the fuck that means some day when we’re playing in hell together. Yea, jaymz motherfuckinhetfield and i are gonna jam in hell together forever and ever. Dave will ask to join and i’ll tell him maybe with a sly look and then as his hopes come up for a chance to play with Alx and Jaymz, i’ll tell him to be my roadie. Teach his little alcoholic ass that he should have been taking shrooms at 1010 Catherine! Dig it motherfuckerz!

i can’t read alex’s as of yet undiscovered talent, but i may find someday the I have a need for his fuck iot ;l;.
I am me. Ands h

I feel that there is too much light in this world. I mean, where is all the light coming from? I feel less of a bond from my mind than from my surroundings. I am placed, as are all of us, us as the whole human race. There is really no discrimimation. Picture this:The world is divided in to segments. High ground and low ground. At all the iterations between. When someone is born into the world, they are immeditele suceoptable to the world. They are made to bond with their society....
I can’t write now. I am really can’t explainit,n if i wewre ri fyrksdhjk djfhrwfjelqkhaufhurkjh kjhkjhgkjhkggggggggggggggggggggggggggghEbnKRLUTEEkjhgflkjnRWKJJ


If there is such a thing as zen, i think this is it. It’s now, oh, 8:13 oe ao and i just don’t give a shit anymore. This is the most incredible experience of my lifetime. THings just don’t matter anymore. I bet my unconsciousness could up and fly away right now and see the outside world from within. I don’t liike to be associated with all that 60s stereotypical flowers, beads, and bullshit, but this is IT. THe fucking mayans and aztecs fucking a had it right, motherfucker! They knew how to get in touch with the other side, my friend. The 60s and everythgin werea generation that saw how it was many years ago in the greek world and beyond. To see how everyone was, when heroes went naked and fought for kings and the love of their queens. Our society seems so pale compared to that of the animals. Ok, forget that. ANyhow, we could be oh, so much and allow ourselves so little room to expand. Trippy and sad at the ssame time. I cry for that. This is some serious shit, man. Everything i thought could never hold any meaning for me is coming across in their respective formats now. Things i thought before were relavant really mean nothing and the small things come out. THis is just incredible.

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