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A Storm of Shrooms

I have previously only done shrooms once before and they did not have a huge effect on me(I had 6).

I have previously only done shrooms once before and they did not have a huge effect on me(I had 6). However, the second time I increased the dosage by about 15 shrooms and I also had about a cup of boiled shroom juice. We mixed the shrooms with frozen mixers in a blender. They taste great.
After doing about 12 shrooms and smoking out of a bong, we drove to a friends house and along the way I started to feel really scared. I had no idea where we were going. We got to our friends house and I started to feel weird and decided to stare at some plants. The colors inside of the plants began to move around. I then smoked out a little more. Somehow I lost my friends and then realized they had gone back to a friend's house. So I drove to her house. Along the way music started to play, but when I looked at the radio/cd it was not on. It was classical music and then my windows started to move with the music. Every now and then I could see myself from above and could actually watch myself driving from about 2 feet above my Jeep. It seemed like I was driving down a dirt road, something out of the movie Sleepy Hollow. After what seemed like forever, I arrived at my friend's house. When we got there, we boiled some shrooms. We mixed it all with the frozen mixers again. Then we proceeded to smoke out of the bong again. There was a fake deer in her backyard and I went to stare at it. The face and antlers began to mutate in all sorts of things. Not only that though, but as it transformed in shape and color, those transforations represnted thoughts. Thoughts about our universe, my peers and myself. It started to grin at me like it was better than me. I started to become angry at the deer and I left. At this point it was like I was in my own little world and nothing outside of it could bother me. I went inside looking for a place to chill. But these people,it seemed like, kept following us around. I felt we had tracking devices on us. I found this really cool room with lights and this square thing on the wall with these rotating, flashing lights that went around in a circle. It began to envelope the whole room and all I could see was this tunnel of flashing lights. The room was no longer there, everyone was gone. The movie Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas kept coming to mind. The tunnel went away and I looked at the ceiling. There was an old pirate ship with some guys on deck who were fighting. Then the fan turned in to an old bomber plane from WW1 and started to drop bombs everywhere. I went into a room and looked at the carpet and it turned into an ocean and the waves kept crashing against the wall. I went downstairs and looked at this wallpaper of vines. The vines started to grow on the wall. There was a dog and I felt like I could read the dogs mind. I was overcome with fear a friend was chasing after the dog. I went outside and smoked out again. I went an looked at the deer again and started to think that all life is not really real, that we are all just fake creations of somthing else more powerful out there. My trip was begining to fade but the last thing I realized was I could see the remains of people's handprints on the wall. I turned around and one of my friends put his fingertips against the wall. I tured back around and saw 3 finger prints on the wall and thats how many he had put up.
My trip was very memorable and I'm going to stock up on shrooms and I cnt wait till next time.

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