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3.5g Panaeolus cyanescens: Perplexition and illusions

It was about 6PM when my friend Jared and I decided to eat some blue meanies that I had grown over a year ago.

It was about 6PM when my friend Jared and I decided to eat some blue meanies that I had grown over a year ago. They had sat in an air-tight jar, this entire time, waiting to be eaten.

We had only experienced the trip from eating normal gold caps or Psilocybe cubensis...We knew that we were going to get into something a little different. I didn't realize that it was going to be this intense.

Roughly 7 grams of dried Psilocybe cyanescens was dumped and grinded into a "berry blast" smoothie. Consisting of yogurt, bananas and blackberries. It was delicous.

We made our way up into the great redwood forest, where a university lays on the outskirts. The second I set my foot upon the forest floor, massive movements and illusions came flying towards me. A big transparent ball warped my vision and within 5 minutes of walking, I had to sit and lay down. The visuals were much too intense to view. My stomach was churning and I kept burping.

After about 30 minutes (??... Time was now not very clear), I was still on the ground, sort of freaking out. My mind and body were trying to reject the mushrooms. I kept spinnning, and the motions were so intense I couldnt really do anything but prey to god that I would be okay. We finally got up and started walking.

Colors and motions became a little less intense, as my body was getting used to it. I felt happy all of a sudden, but my body was still a little motion sick. I decided to go out in the woods and drop the kids off at the pool...well, on the floor I guess. Walking off the trail and trying to find a comfortable area to crouch, I realized that I was pretty far away form the trail, and I had no sense of direction. My senses were pretty distorted. I knew though that I had one thing to do out here, so I got down and tried to keep straight.

Motions and colors of illusion and perplexion were whizzing through my face.

I was slightly lost. After some time, I made it out and met back up with my friend. At this time I felt a weird feeling float through me. Deja-vu had slipped deep into my soul. For a good 20 minutes or so, I had the feeling of deja-vu. It was extremely strange. I felt like I was going to die or something.

After talking nonsense, we made it down to a cement walkway. We sat on some stairs and looked down on the cement. This was probably the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my lifetime. There were approximently 20 colors, moving, breathing and liquified patterns pulsating in the cement. Everything was silent... but the colors were speaking to me.

After this time, I just about lost my mind and I cannot really explain what happend. I was merging into time and space. Directions were not clear, and my senses were dull except for my vision. The colors that I began to see were unexplainable and beautiful. Colors surrounded me for a good 3 hours.

ALl in all, it was about a 7 hour trip. Too intense for me in the beginning but wonderful and beautiful towards the end.

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