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3 Friends, 3 Eights, 1 Good Night

3 Friends, 3 Eights, 1 Good Night It was about 4 hours after dark, we were on a mission.

3 Friends, 3 Eights, 1 Good Night

It was about 4 hours after dark, we were on a mission. We arrived at our destination as I was the designated driver, and had possession of all three 8ths in my front pocket. They were small closed cap cubensis, possibly the PR strain. I didn’t bring my own stash, a homeboy of mine owed me a favor so he said to just take his bags and said I wouldn’t regret taking his instead of my own.

As we pulled into the trailhead parking lot we realized we needed firewood to make this…..fire….*raises eyebrow* So we each downed our 8th’s and took a quick 5 minute drive to a local grocery store. Bought some firewood from the front of the store, and probably stole 3 times as much when we walked back out. (dude…its firewood…….). The last bundle I grabbed happened to be ripped, so as I picked it up off the stack, kindling poured from my hands and splashed against the cement storefront. The parking lot instantly became quiet as all attention was drawn towards me and my friend Russ walking away from the store with a suspicious quantity of wood, in a very awkward manner. I was still feeling my high from the gram of purple chronic I smoked an hour or so prior. With at least 15 sets of eyes fixed upon our ride and operation, I took full advantage of the gas pedal.

We arrived back at the trial front parking approximately 15 minutes after the mushrooms had been digested. No effects were present, other than the dull high I still had from the marijuana. We set up camp, taking two different trips back to the van.

Our Supplies:

My giant hunting knife
Three folding chairs
Too much free firewood
Newspaper and Lighters for the Fire
Two flashlights
Good Intentions

This was the third party’s first time tripping so he wasn’t skeptical about the mushrooms. Russell had a bad feeling about them, and he made this apparent in the first 30 minutes after digestion by constantly telling me “he didn’t know about these mushrooms” (in the aspect that, he didn’t think they were very potent) I listened to it for awhile and then answered back sharply with annoyance “with that attitude, your right, they wont do shit for you. They are good.”

It was rather cold outside, so we made a big fire……a very big fire…. =D

I warned my friends of the chemical reaction that was occurring in my body. I was starting to feel high. I had binged the day prior so we all had planned on me feeling the mushrooms a good 5-10 minutes before everyone else. I was the warning beacon of good hope, and at that moment in time, I sounded the sirens and told my company that tonight was going to be a good night.

We laughed and stared into the fire with delight as the mushroom high had started to take grasp of everyone. It was just a high, nothing more, nothing less. We were all seen with smiles, constantly laughing and talking about the funniest things that came to mind. We laughed at each other, made each other laugh at us, whichever means we had of comedy, we utilized, And it wasn’t that difficult of a task. For example, I had asked for a cool drink from the box next to Jeremy’s side of the fire, he calculated the throwing distant instantly and lobbed it in my direction. It was in my direction, except 5 feet about my head and flew about 15 feet behind me. We all laughed at that one for a great period of time. In the midst of all the laughter and commotion, Jeremy went to say something, and right in the middle of his sentence, he instantly (*instantly) started throwing up. Me and Russell looked down into the campfire in disappointment and morn. Jeremy had checked out of the mushroom trip hotel and was traveling down sobriety lane. The high was very comforting and very entertaining still. I was very happy with the mushrooms and environment already. Call it an omen, or a blessing, but the rain started to play its magical rhythm.

Our firefight with comedy and laughter instantly turned into chaos and confusion as the rain smothered us and simmered down the roaring campfire. I……reacted quickly (panicked according to them, but they were fucked up) Grabbed my chair, my light and headed back towards the van. I wasn’t about to let some rain and wet clothes ruin this amazing experience. I stood up and stared blankly into the ground, thinking. Through the rain I had asked Russell where the car was, he chuckled and looked back up at me “you serious?” “very, I just cant remember” and I honestly could not remember. I know we were all around a warm/hot campfire having the bestest of times, and the van wasn’t a concern, so I forgot how I arrived at this campsite of fairy tales and endless laughter.

“Through the field, remember” I thought….(field, aww yes, the good ol’ field) I walked rather fast into the night without my light on as the moon provided all the natural light I needed. Strains of grass flew up from the ground with a flower type fuzz on the ends of them, For a split second, reality was lost and I had actually thought I was trampling through a patch of huge wild mushrooms. I chuckled insanely to myself as I walked back to the van alone. The other two had apparently decided to fight it out and stake claim to their precious fire. And that, they did. I made it to the van, approximately……1.5 hours after ingestion. I still had the high/no visual concept going on, and I was perfectly happy with that. I love visuals, but the level of spirituality and belonging with the earth and nature was such an overwhelming feeling of ecstasy I didn’t think the trip could become any better. I jumped into the van under shield from the moist evening sky. The rain had came to a halt a couple minutes after I had arrived to the van. I sat in the front seat and rejoiced in perfection that was the world and the 8th of mushrooms I had consumed. I closed my eyes and let the high take hold. I had slipped into some sort of dreary state of sleep/consciousness. I calmly opened my eyes expected to return to the van parked in front of a grassy hillside with this amazing cubensis high.

The grassy hillside, was long gone. It had been replaced with a gigantic green sea wave that pulsed in front of me. I laughed insanely at this visualization. I sat forward in my seat in extreme anticipation of what the hillside was gonna do. A sort of trance came over me as the hillside was trying to communicate with my head in some sort of rhythmic manner. The hillside was living and had something to say to me, I didn’t know what though.

Tree-like forms of an amazing spectrum of colors grew instantly at the top horizon of the hillside. They grew to 6-7 feet in a matter of seconds, and just stayed on top of the hill and pulsed with amazing colors that Picasso couldn’t even possible produce with an infinite color selection of pastels. The inner portions of the tree’s were black, the colors came from the outline of the trees. It was as if they were leaking their life and magical sap into the atmosphere.

No doubt, the visuals had a firm grasp on my head. The interior of the car turned into a smooth opaque waxed assortment of about 4 colors. Black, gray, dark gray, light gray. The cement around my van spun in circles that could only be described as the movement of the metal arms inside the taffy machines at the county fair. (The most common visualization of circling textures people experience on mushrooms.) My van was sitting in the middle of a god damn quick sand type of cement. Constantly churning and adding a little bit of welcomed (note: I used the word, “welcomed“ ) confusion to my fairytale world. The color producing trees were still present, but focus was 100% on the indented dark patterns that rapidly changed in the hillside. The waxed smooth bacteria that had eaten the inside of my van started to engulf the outside world. Everything was waxed over and smooth. Very pleasing on the mind.

I sat in my comfortable front seat grasping the concept of a perfect state of mind.

My attention was drawn from the visual ride and was pulled into a another reality of thought so complex and deep, that I honestly I doubt anyone could ever understand. A deep understanding of life after death ran throughout head. The concept was very deep and thoughtful, If at any point in the night, my mental state of mind was weakest at this one moment. As eternal death after ….death was what I felt was reality as I had no beliefs in a higher power. Thoughts and faces of relationships I’ve had in the past ran through my mind. Memories of good experiences and good hearted people that I dearly loved, became apparent. My heart was warm with love. I was happy.

The fruit juice had finally decided to have its say over my bladder, so I opened the door and ventured out into wonderland. Only after getting out of the seat from a warm, quiet van and standing in the middle of an abandoned parking lot in a long lost industrialized part of the city, alone, does one truly understand the concept of a mushroom trip. I starred blankly at the ground, with a slight smirk on my face as my urine splashed against the ground. For some reason, beyond me, the thought of pissing in the middle of a gigantic parking lot was quite amusing. I walked back in the van and continued my visual ride.

I had begun communicating with the hillside again with my eyes when I had caught a bright unnatural light come over the hillside. Awww, that’s right, people were with me tonight. I laughed insanely as my friends stumbled down the hillside down towards to vehicle. They laughed at me laughing at them as they came closer to the van. The doors opened and I was greeted with laughter. We all laughed for some time, no real reason for it, except we were all grillin at it felt good to laugh. So we laughed. =)

My knife had turned up missing, so I had concluded that it was back at the campsite, where I had left it in the midst of the rainstorm. I hoped they would see it and bring it back, but It was only a wish. We all agreed we wanted to go on an adventure for the missing hunting knife. (Ironically enough, I think we all, on some level, just wanted to get lost in the woods and laugh) As we walked up the hill, I burst into laughter as it was a challenge, a very fun and amusing challenge. Usually when I’m too drunk to walk good, I’m shitty and not having a real good time. It was a refreshing experience to enjoy not being able to walk very good. =)

We told jokes and laughed insanely on the way to the campsite. (note: the use of the word insanely in this report, because every time we laughed, it was a laughter of that of an man on the brink of insanity). The knifed was buried in some sand, but it was retrieved.

We made it back to the van, and decided to just sit and grill at the hillside. Russell was seeing everything I was, Jeremy was sober because he vomited all of his mushrooms out, but he had what is called an “environment high” and had a good time just being with me and Russell. We talked and smoked some cigarettes (I don’t smoke cancer sticks, but I made an exception to as I knew it would feel good as I was coming down). A period of about 4-5 hours had elapsed since ingestion. Me and Russell were coming down, but were still “grilling” on the hillside. Our laughter had diminished to a low and calm voice tone. We relaxed and enjoyed the down.

Cigarettes were smoked, piss was pissed, and stories were told. It was about 3:45 in the morning and we all decided to finish our perfect night with a safe and cop free journey home. This had came to us after 4 cars had passed the parked van half full of 3 kind souls coming off some of the most beautiful things nature offers. Common sense played out another encounter with an asshole cop that despised our huge pupils, And did everything in his power to fuck us everyway he possibly could. I turned the key over, put the van in reverse and drove back to reality.

End Notes:

I was still under the influence of mushrooms when I was driving back home, just slighty, but I was. I think everyone in the van could say that I did a good job of concentrating and driving, but this should never be done. I have lots of hours behind the wheel, high on pot, and even…..unfortunately buzzed from alcohol, but from one man who has a modest mind full of common sense, take my advice, just don’t drive the night you take mushrooms. A dead pedestrian is not a good end to a perfect trip.

We did take precautions to make sure we were all ready for a safe drive home.

We pulled the van over to the side of the road a mile after our journey back home as we all thought the front left tire of the van was flat. The van appeared to lean to the left, fortunately it was just the little bit of psilocybin playing its last trick of the night on our gullible minds. We chuckled and continued our journey home.

At no one point in my night, did I “lose” my mind, or forget I was shrooming. I knew what I was on. The experience was even more enjoyable in the aspect that it was a “ride” and not a forced journey.

The night ended with everyone repeatedly thanking each other for a wonderful evening.

Peace, Love, and Happiness.

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