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1st and 2nd trip were pretty damn cool

ight so like last moth or somthin like that me and my boys got some of these shrooms called "creepers" from this chinese motherfucker.

ight so like last moth or somthin like that me and my boys got some of these shrooms called "creepers" from this chinese motherfucker.he said half an eight will have you done for. ok so me and my 2 friends geoff and tasos got these shits at like some time around 4 and 6, meenwhile tasos's mom was out to dinner with old friends.

so we at the shrooms and we ate an eith and sat on tasos's beautiful back porch, oh yea by the way tasos lives in a pretty big fancy and nice house, with trippy ass paintings and such. so we sat on his porch listening to music eating ruffles and grapes. after a while the shrooms started to work, then slowly we lost all feeling in our body. i tried to change the music to some trippy ass music from this weird techno band called infected mushrooms, and it started to be very challenging to figure out what the hell i was doing.so we like bumed inside and like layed on tasos's flash red crazy carpet and it felt like i was in a red forest and i was exploring in it, the feeling like most people wud say its pretty much undescribeable. later after several LONG minutes lounging around we went upstairs which turned into some weird escalater shit, we sat down in the room with a big screen tv which was clearly floating around and breathing, we sat there and watched (for some weird reason) spongebob.... so we watched that shit forever, and we had lost total sense of time, even if we looked at the time it just felt like whatever the fuck, and we could care less. ok so im not tryin to type too much, so we sat on the roof for a while looking at the amazing trees morphing together and breathing. then we watched fear and loathing is las vegas which we watched that night liek 3 times and never got bored. then tasos's mom came home and passed out and geoffs weird ass said hey lets go see whats in the attic.
so we made our way to the dark attic and all we had were our phones, his attic was pretty clean and has a soft carpet in there. The fucking place was pitch black and we sat in that motherfucker for like an hour or 2 and I started comming down, sometimes i totatly came out of the trip, but came right back into it and it became quite relentless. it was a long trip and i forgot to mention before his mom came home we ate more shrooms so we tripped til like 4 in the morning. then i fell asleep.

then usually people say that you cant trip that well after you eat shrooms in a few says time period, but the tuesday after that saturday, right after school me tasos and my other good friend kyle tripped like 3 grams of that shit and i swear somehow it was more intense than the last time, it felt like the ground was bouncing and every thing started spinning, and i felt really sick till i got outside. this all started happening at like 3, and for like an hour i was scared to go back inside the house because i thought it would get way more intense inside.

we sat outside playing soccer, riding bikes, skating anyting we could do what was fun, and i was totaly out of it, and i thought i was invinsible and i could do anything. we decided to take a walk to the FEILDS of the big neighborhood that tasos lives in and we sat there amazed at the grass and trees swaying n shit. then we looked up and all we could see was sky,and it was really crazy, it was kyles first time and he was like he saw ludacris in the sky. as we started back home we started to come down and this was around like 6 30 or 7 and i had goose shit all up on my shoes and i got so pissed and that fucking ruined everything, and i relized i had school then next day so i was like FUCK. i was a total bummer, but id do it agin :)

ok so sorry for going out of order with my writing i thought i wud share, sorry about the spelling im just to fucking lazy, and im in need of some weed.
thanks for taking the time to read if ya did.

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