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1 fucked up Weillie trip in ATL

I've lived in the suburbs of Atlanta for 3 years now.

I've lived in the suburbs of Atlanta for 3 years now. Last fall one of my friends in Cherokee County started telling me about these Weillie mushrooms or whatever, that grow in bermuda grass. I thought, well, my neighborhood is bermuda grass, I guess I'll see what I can find...

So I came here to the shroomery and found descriptions I needed on the message board. I walked around for about 30 minutes and found 5 average sized caps. Right as I was about to turn home I decided to check out one more street, and at the end of that street in somebody's front yard i saw the biggest fuckin patch of shrooms. About 3 feet across, containing at least 50 mushrooms. I picked them all.

Later that night I called my friend "BJ". We agreed to meet at "Rey's" house and eat our shrooms. I'd tripped a few times before and it usually takes me an hour to start tripping. To make sure the shrooms were good, I ate one at about 7:30. I left home at 8, and got to Rey's at 8:15. I was starting to feel a little funny, kinda like being stoned but without the sense of disconnection. BJ was excited to get started, so we pulled out the massive bag and started cutting caps into small pieces. We started with 8 caps. We mixed the pieces with peanut butter and consumed. Then we had to go get pot. In the car on the way there I was laying down in the back seat while Rey and BJ were in the front. We were listening to some breakbeats that our friend produced, and I kept seeing the music in the form of faint glowing green pipes and stars all over the back of the car, nothing too major, just a distortion of colors.

Our dealer was a pretty good friend who we'd known for 2 years or so, and I was usually comfortable at his house, but lately things started getting a little sketchier over there. By the time we got inside I was seeing the atecian designs on the carpet, which was very shaggy and looked very, very cool. I walked into the kitched and told our dealer that we'd eaten some wicked shrooms a while ago, and he said "so how are they workin for ya" and gave me what I perceived to be the most evil stare I've ever received, and it seemed to last a few minutes. While he was staring at me, I couldn't answer his question right away because his pupils were both moving in small circles in opposite directions. I kept getting the feeling that bad things were about in this apartment complex. I quietly let Rey know that it was time to leave.

We got back to the house and BJ and I decided we weren't tripping hard enough, so we cut up about 10 more caps, mixed with peanut butter, and consumed. This is where shit started getting reaaaaaal fucked up. Almost immediately after eating these last shrooms, which equalled about 10 caps total for me, I went nuts. For a little while my only thoughts went like this:

It's hot in here..... I'm cold
Maybe its nicer outside
Wheres my shoes... there are my shoes...
I don't want to wear shoes
Fuck it, I'll stay inside
But the bedroom is so messy, I'll just clean it up
I don't know where anything goes
I'll just sit down a second
I'm too anxious to sit, I'll stand
The floor is dirty, where are my shoes
Where are my shoes... there are my shoes
I have my shoes on, I might as well go outside
Its nice outside..........

While I was sitting outside, on a chair, on the red clay ground, smoking a cigg, I kept looking at two things: the aluminum siding on the house, and the red clay ground. On the siding, I saw choo choo trains with my bands name, "Jeffrey Dahmer Sex Explosion" on all the cars. It looked like someone was projecting the images onto the wall in lights that nearly matched the color of the wall, but not quite. Then I looked down at the ground. There were tons of little streams of smoke, the size of worms, moving like snakes, towards my feet, and all the pebbles on the ground were rolling toward me too. I thought it was just because I was far from the ground that things looked distorted, surely if I was a few inches away I'd see things as they were. So I got down on my hands and knees. Several streems and pebbles congregated to my field of vision and just swirled around each other. All the little things moving on the ground were incredibley vivid.

I went back inside and sat on the bed. Rey and BJ were across the room. It was time to smoke another cigg. I pulled out my cigg and my zippo lighter. I put the cigg in my mouth, flicked the lighter, burst out laughing because Rey and BJ were talking about some silly shit, closed the lighter. Opened the lighter again, flicked it, burst out laughing, closed it. I repeated the process between 20-30 times, sometimes laughing so hard it would take me a minute or two just to gain focus again. 20 minutes later, I had my cigg lit, but knocked it out of my mouth when I tried to put my hat on. I said fuck it and went back outside.

I walked around the backyard for a minute before Rey followed me out. The backyard is very enclosed by trees and hills, and feels fairly small. I think of it as a level in a videogame when I'm trippin most of the time, and I usually forget that anything outside of the backyard and basement exist. As I was staring at the lawn, I saw the most amazing, vivid hallucination I've ever seen. The blades of grass started reaching for one another, eventually organziing into a giant circular patter. Then heads and arms grew out of the blades of grass and I was looking at 1,000 praying manti holding hands in a giant circular pattern, all of them staring at me, and walking slowly to the left. After they were gone I walked across the yard to take a piss. As I was pissing I looked down and saw the grass and weeds grow at a rate of about 2 inches per second, coming up to my knees and then wrapping around my legs. I'd had enough nature so I went back insided to the computer room.

The computer room is completely dark except for the light from the monitor. I sat down at the desk. The monitor is between to 6 inch cube speakers, with the tower on the left of everything, and the keyboard on a pullout tray under the desk. I put on some Mr. Bungle and turned on Acidspunk visualization on winamp2. Acidspunk is the number one visualization of all time for those who don't know. Anyway, as I was sitting there, the keyboard stretched into a long half-circle, like a console on a space ship. the monitor turned into a huge window, taking up most of my field of vision. The speakers towerd over the monitor, and the actual tower was the size of a supercomputer. I was looking out into space from the control room in my personal spacecraft. I sat for what seemed like hours, amazed by the visualization and the sensation of moving fast while sitting still. I put my head back on the chair and looked up at the suspended ceiling which was missing some tiles. Past the missing tiles I could see whole cities of pipes with people running around on little pipe pathways.

Shortly after that I felt that it was time to go home, it was about 3:30am at this point. I went to my car and realized I'd lost my keys. I went back and found them after 30 minutes, sitting right next to a new pack of ciggarettes that I don't remember buying at any time.....

I took plenty of the smaller things out of there and it was still too fucking long. Thanks for reading if you got to this point.

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