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"the walls are breathing"

(definitely not level 1, sorry about the first one) Well, it goes like this -> A friend of mine somehow managed to get his hands on a very large sum of mushies.

(definitely not level 1, sorry about the first one) Well, it goes like this -> A friend of mine somehow managed to get his hands on a very large sum of mushies. (The town went ape shit, he dried himself out in a week, and made $700.00 profit! I didn't believe him either, but it's true.) Anyways. Um...ya. So my other friend and myself bought a very nice 2ounces. Shrooms I've bought in the past normally lacked caps, but these 8ths were sometimes mainly all caps. So, I love mushrooms, and I had the chance, so, I ate 3 8ths in somewhere around 35mins. I love it when you can feel them kicking in pretty damn quick, and you just know you're in for an awesome trip in 45mins or so. All my friends were stoked on mushrooms, so we partied at my friend's vacant house. There were 10ppl(most i've grilled with was 4 total) there, with either an eigth or two eights (or 3 like me:P). Two girls, the rest guys. (never tripped with ladies) One girl brought many odd brightly colored stuffed animals. Had trip posters here and there. Everyone that was there-was on mushrooms, and were quite fucked up. Few minutes after I'd eaten my stash(we're watching Alice in Wonderland) I noticed that the walls were radiating a soft mellow redish tone off and on, and then they started breathing. A friend asked me how I was doing, I replied "your walls are breathing", he said "that's what I like to hear". I was just very stoked because I knew that it hadnt' truly even begun yet, I knew I was in for a great trip/adventure/and learning experience.(I always come out smarter and more educated when I take mushrooms.)There's forest/woods area right outside my friends house. I stood in this one area for prob 30mins, got great visuals, then i could see my other friends on my friends porch, and I told them to run around, I had great people tracers. My friend went to turn off the porch light, and I saw him flipping the switch, aswell as being 10feet away from it. Had some really intense moments with a bathtub filled with 3inches of water. Getting my arm wet and letting the drips go all over. I started seeing planes, 2-D plans everywhere(that was a first). I found it very easy to walk around with my eyes closed. I would walk and push/break through the air that had became solid. Everywhere I looked I got great visuals. I love visuals! AH, I LOVE MUSHROOMS. I always get the same kind nomrally, really well definded designs, like a crazy kind of fancy/expensive material. I could go on, there were so many intense moments just for myself, aswell for myself and whoever else. Everyone had a lazy right eye, very lazy. For the first time I had an incredibly lost concept of time. I could not grasp the time at all, or the fact that my other friends weren't high anymore. I was high for a very long time. Such an amazing time! Around 4AM I headed home, still pretty fucked/shocked/overwelemed, i dunno, went to another friends house where almost everyone had been on mushrooms aswell, watching Labryinth..that movie is so unique! When I look at the 1-5 trip levels, I've now experience some pretty high level trip status stuff. A bunch of us are still planning on going camping with a crap load of mushies. So, peace to all, and keep rockin' on with your shrooms.

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