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"IT" and the Infinite Continuum

Strain: B+ Amount Taken: 6-7 Grams (split 3 ways) Body Weight: 160 lbs PREPARATION- I started preparing the tea around 7 pm.

Strain: B+
Amount Taken: 6-7 Grams (split 3 ways)
Body Weight: 160 lbs

I started preparing the tea around 7 pm. I put what was probably 6 or 7 grams of B+ into my mortar and pestle and proceeded to smash 'em up into dust. I did this while listening to the soundtrack for Forbidden Planet- lots of classic analog synthesizer sounds to start getting me into the right head-space. I threw my mushroom dust into roughly 32 oz of boiling water along with a couple bags of green tea for flavor. I let it steep for about 20 minutes before putting the brew into a nalgene bottle for later on that evening. I like to wait for nighttime when I trip- it seems to be easier feel that psychic energy floating around at night.

My two companions and I arrived at our location around 9:30 pm- a local open space park with a dense forest by a river. The moon was almost full and the sky was clear with a temperature of about 72 degrees- perfect! We each drank 8 oz of the tea (which was actually quite tasty with the green tea added in) and proceeded to wander into the woods.
As we walked deeper into the woods, we talked about the shared anticipation of what the night would bring. I have been reading "The Archaic Revival" by Terrence McKenna recently and I shared some of my sparked interest in telepathy with hyperdimentional extra-terrestrials as we walked- a great topic of conversation for when the first wave hit us like an 18-wheeler about 20 minutes after drinking the tea...

We were coming up fast, it was so intense that we were having a hard time communicating verbally. Through a series of hand gestures and broken sentences, we decided on a place to stop and let the peak wash over us. It was a small clearing in the woods with a large slab of rock in the middle which made a good place to lie down. I wandered away from my friends for a little while to meditate on what I was seeing and feeling...

There is an intelligent energy everywhere holding everything together. This feeling of a force that is so intensely alien but so familiar it is as if I created it myself- but not entirely. I feel as if I am moving through an infinite tunnel of energy that I am creating as I experience it- is this the collective unconscious? CEV's yield visions that are very similar to Alex Grey paintings morphing into fractal patters as the waves of the continuum pass through me. There are aliens here and I feel as if they are inviting me into a psychic brain-trust. There are things they want to share with me in the future but not right now. At this moment I just need to sense this undefinable thing that I can only refer to as "It". Plugging my consciousness into this infinite current that I create as I experience it. "It" is there! "It" is not a hallucination! Is this the "other" that Terrence McKenna refers to? The woods around me are radiating with this electricity and I am a part of it-- I AM A PART OF "IT"!! "It" needs me as much as I need "It"!!


After what could have been fifteen minutes or maybe an hour, my friends and I are able to regroup and continue moving through the woods. As the peak passes away, verbal communication becomes natural again. Still astonished by the intensity of what we just experienced, and still tight within the grip of psilocybin, conversation surrounds the experience at hand rather than the telepathic communion with the center of the Universe that we just shared. Climbing trees became the next focus for my companions. I chose to stay on the ground deciding that they were better at climbing trees in the dark than I was. We fell into hysterics as they "got in touch with their inner-monkey" for the next hour or so- laughing so hard that we couldn't breathe as they swung from branch to branch.

We continued to walk through the woods as we dissected what we had experienced earlier- definitely a level 4 experience. We all had a different explanation for what had happened but in the end decided that our stories all tied together. We had all felt the same thing but we had different ways of explaining it. Words are poor symbols for explaining these kinds of things as most of you are well aware.

After 4 hours in the woods we were pretty exhausted and agreed it was time to go home and relax. It was probably 3:30 am when I got into bed, but as tired as I was I had a hard time sleeping for the first hour because I was so ecstatic about the trip I just had. This was truly a breakthrough- AWESOME!!!!!!!

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