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My age at the time was about 14.

My age at the time was about 14. Body weight-about 140-150 pounds, Gender-Male.

This was my second experience.

We got to my buddy's house around 6:00 in the afternoon, eager to eat some mushies. It was me, my best friend, his brother, and this sleazy girl named Leeanne. We walked into the living room where our buddy (Cody) told us to wait. We all sat there looking at eachother, hoping for the trip of our lives. Cody walked in with a devilish grin on his face. He handed Chris (the best friend) a big bag of shrooms, and announced that the goodies would be served on a deep dish pizza. So anyway, he popped some shrooms on the pizza and put it in the oven. Im sorry, I do not know how much. After some time he took it out and sprinkled on few more grams and put our illegal delight back into the oven for about five minutes.

When it was done, he pulled it out and put in some more shrooms (just to tell you, this pizza tasted like shit). "Thats too much!" I said, much to the laughter of the people around me. Brady, my friend's brother, turned and said "Dont be a pussy, just eat the damn shit." Looking back, this was kinda funny since he was the one crying after about an hour!!! So I took two peices and sat back, trying my hardest to choke back this gross pizza. After that, everyone else had some, and a while after eating it, Cody ran to the bathroom and vomitted very violently, before returning to say "We are about to trip balls!!!!" We sat around and watched WrestleMania 14 (we were and still are avid wrestling fans) waiting for them to kick in. Leeanne just sat there talking about how "this is gay" and "yo, what da fuck is dis shit?" We all were becoming very annoyed except Brady, who was dating her.

After a few matches, I started think about how my life had changed so drastically. It seemed that just seconds ago, I was mommy's little angle, never doing anything wrong, loving the whole wide world. But now, I felt that the small child was dead. I had done the unthinkable, I had done shrooms. I was also a stoner. When all of these thoughts started to melt together, I stood up.

"WHAOH! OKAY! UMMM.....WHAT THE FUCK??!! I, UHH.....UMMMMM....YEAH!!!" With that, we all started laughing and smiling, and before long we were unable to put together a sentence without bursting into laughter. Chris turned to me and, although hard to take out the laughing said, "Hey man, you know who The Rock fucks?" "Who man?" "The Rock fucks......The Rock fucks a rock thats who!!!" After that, the slutty bitch decided to leave, and thankfully so, since she was a real cunt, and probably would have ruined my trip. We continued to watch WrestleMania, and then Brady started talking, which was never a good thing. He said something about how life was gay and not worht living and how if he died right then and there, we would probably laugh at him, and with that, we laughed at him. He lay on the ground and started to moan, which was even funnier. Then he cried, which was the icing on the cake.

He wailed and sobbed about how the only way he could get to do the things he wanted was by breaking the law. We tried to calm him down, and he started to get voilent. Chris picked him up over his head and broguht him outside, telling him to leave.


We sat around in the yard, watching the clouds turn a brilliant pink, because of all the pollution in our scummy little city. I stood up to go in for a piss, and felt something under my foot. I looked down and saw something horrible. A dead frog. I jumped away in fright of this creature and shouted to Chris, "OH MY GOD A FROG!!! ITS DEAD!! I KILLED IT! HOLY SHIT IM A FUCKING BLOOD THIRSTY ASSHOLE!" Cody told us to calm down, and that we would find something to do with it, and we decided to burn it. He got some lighter fluid from his shed and sprayed it down. I lit a stick in fire, possibly because I was afriad to be burned, and when it started to burn, it said "Follow the burden." this creeped me out so hard, and I was seeing shit by now anyway. I jumped back, and ran into the house, screaming the whole way. Then I opened my eyes. This was the crazy part. I was sitting on the couch with the boys, still watching WrestleMania. NONE OF IT HAPPENED!!! IT WAS MY IMAGINATION! I told them what happened, and I was super freaked out. Then Brady came back, crying and squeling like a bitch about how we were "a bunch of fags and we should fuck off" Chris then punched him in the face and he took off again. I was looking at Cody who looked pretty nervous, I aksed him if he was okay, and he said "Follow the burden." I started to laugh and laugh and told him what had just happened to me, and we all talked about it for hours.

Well, those were the good old times, I truely wish that they could be relived, but the saddest part is that they can't. I didnt hear much from Cody after that. As for my best friend of several years, Chris is now addicted to crack cocaine. I saw him a few months ago, he was gaunt and pale, his eyes blackened around the rims,his voice cracked and whithered. He told me about how he now thought all of those times were just a waste of time, and how he is more content smoking crack downtown. He is really a changed man, and it saddens me to know that someone I was once so close to fucked up so badly. Brady is as big of a loser now as he was then. He is in and out of jail constantly, goes out with slutty girls, and he thinks he's a gangsta. One thing I have always wondered was if our shroom trip had anything to do with the way they turned out. It was one of the last times we hung out, before I moved out of town, and since then, they have gone to hell. Please comment, tell me what you think of this and also this whole report.

keep trippin

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