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<Ped> My First Trip.

I tripped for my first time just over a year ago.

I tripped for my first time just over a year ago. I was quite the stupid little punk, I thought I was invincable, indestructable, and that nothing could ever scare me, especially not silly hallucinations from shrooms.

I was always told to make my first dose a low dose. 2 grams tops for a newbie. I decided that if I was going to trip, I didn't want to mess around, I wanted to *trip*

So I tripled the reccomened first dose and ate six dried grams of Psilocybe cubensis . I had purchased these from my dealer, and they were damn potent motherfuckers. Fucking crazy psychobats. I wigged right out.

It started with a simple hallucinatory effect. I would cross my eyes, and all of the Christmas lights in my room would be directly infront me, shooting out beams of light from all directions. I was starting to feel very giddy and happy. Stoned. It was great, I was on top of the world.

Then various objects began to breathe. It was my first time experiencing this effect, and i was affixed on the west wall of my room for about half an hour.

After that half hour had passed, colours began to bleed out of the wall, the wall itself began to warp like a record under a heat lamp. I was starting to feel euphoric and alive, everything was coloured and all was right with the world.

I decided now was the time for some music. I chose to load up my Daft Punk mp3's, and doing so was quite challenging. Focusing was difficult, because everything had become unstable.

Once I had the music started, I sat infront of the speaker and watched it. It suddenly started to *grow* upwards, toward the ceiling, until it hit the ceiling and began to grow a cap, a veil, until it eventually reached the end result of a fully grown and matured mushroom with multi-coloured dots on top. It was beautiful. It was very rubbery and bendy, swaying back and forth.

It was at this point that I noticed the floor was no longer solid. It was a liquid. I waded around in the floor for quite sometime, enjoying the weird feeling it gave me. I decided to play with my face. I seemed to pull blobs of jelly-like skin off my face and stick them on again. My entire body felt wet with a metallic like fluid. Everything was shooting upwards and hitting the ceiling, much like the speaker. I began to get confused. I didn't know where I was, what time it was, what was going on, nothing.

At that thought I started to scream and hit myself violently. I was very afraid. This continued for an unknown amount of time before I realized what I was doing.

I decided fresh air was needed. I left.

Outside, the moon was a swirling full white ball, shooting off little rainbows that would fade into space, the space that was now filled with trillions of stars, all them twinkling franticly, some falling from the sky, all of them glowing bright, not an inch of blackness was left in the sky. The grass needed mowing (or so I thought). I wandered my way up the street.

Telephone poles seemed to be as tall as the CN tower, Rocks seemed to be following my movements, cars seemed cartoon-like, and *everything* was moving/warping/melting.

I reached the park, where I lay on the grass, spread eagle. The ground absorbed me, and I closed my eyes.

In my head I could see skulls, thousands and thousands of skulls, specifically arranged in a certain spiral-like pattern, all of them chattering nonsense to me at once, their eye sockets filled wth wide eyes that lacked pupils.

It was then the black man, the obese black man started to speak to me. I'm still not sure if the black man was a hallucination or if he was actually there, standing over me. He had a voice like Barry White, only not quite so sexual. He said things to me such as "Relax, All is well, You have nothing to fear, It is beautiful, this, my friend, is the universe." I could not quite be certain of his exact words, but it was along those lines. It was then that I floated out of the ground, and into the sky, my limbs hanging lifelessly at my side. Space welcomed me, it opened like a gate, and there was beautiful singing, choirs and orchestras, all of it accompanied by the reassuring voice of the black man.

And it all vanished.

I found myself sitting up in the park, everything still bending and melting.

I looked at my watch. It looked back at me and said "Time is a lie." It was then I decided it was time to go home.

At home, laying on (in?) my couch, drooling, everything glowing green, music still going, a large head grew out of the wall and gobbled up my computer, this very computer I'm using to submit this report. It saw this and thought it was hilarious, so I laughed. And laughed and laughed.

Almost six hours have passed now, and sleep began to take over. I closed my eyes, and in my vision there were mushrooms, of course, growing and swaying and smiling and whispering. I also saw plenty of eyeballs, some of them with large spikes coming out of them in all directions. Rivers, blood, water, joy, sadness, hate, all of these emotions felt at once, directed at nothing.

My neighbors roof melted off his house and flowed into my room, pooling on the floor.

That was the last thing I remember before sleep took over.

The next morning I felt drained, lacking energy, since I had been up all night. As the day progressed, however, I felt better, much better, alive and ready to trip again.

Taking such a high dose my first tiem was still quite the stupid manuver, I could just as easily wigged out and stabbed myself. I don't reccomened anybody try a stunt like this.

Keep trippin, kids, peace.

-Ped #shroomery

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