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I'd like to start by saying that i love shrooms.

I'd like to start by saying that i love shrooms. they are my favorite thing in the world. i have been doing them for quite some time and am now in the process of growin' them myself.

well let the story begin...

It all started on friday. Me and my good friend T went and bought some shrooms from my good friend J. We called him up and he came and delivered 7g's of freshly grown mush. (he grows himself) He said that this was some good shit and i kinda didnt really belive it as everyone says that, well... this was some good shit.
the next day i decided that i was gonna whip up a batch of mushroom tea. i had never made it before but thanks to some info i found in www.nansnook.com (great site for cultivation info) i quickly learned how. not hard at all.
anyhoo later that day we met up and downed the tea. it was cold by this point and didnt taste too good at all, but come on, you do what you have to to shroom. quickly after that i went and told my parents that we were off to mikes for a while. this ofcourse was a lie as we planned to trip outside for hours. i live in a nice subdivision with trails and what not in the back by a river. well we went off with the essentials. a hack and a discman. so off we went already i was feelin quite content and i just couldnt stop laughin'. i must have looked like a complete dumbass to people mowing their lawns or doin whatever. T however composed himself rather nicely. we went off to the elementary school and then to the trails. as we were out of site by others we each took a fat dip of the leftover mushrooms that were in the tea ball. so here we were walkin thru nature trails by a river startin to shroom. it was a great feelin. as all of this was going on i could not swallow the shrooms. i tried and tried but no matter what nothin would happin. so i decided to just chew it like bubble gum. hahaha. that i feel probably had something to do with the intensness of the trip. i have this spot down by the river where i smoke up and chill. it is a very comfy and beautiful spot. so we came down ther and sat. we watched the river and the currents and just everything. it was mesmorizing. the visuals were unbeleivable. the sounds were also. birds the river wind just everything. it all merged into one big sound of natural music. it flowed. at this time we realized that we still had more mush. so i swallowed (it was hard to do) the rest and took another huge dip. we chilled there for a long time. now if you havent been on shrooms while in the woods i highly recommend it. the trees. the roots. the leaves. the grass. the squirrels. just everything was extremely trippy and fascinating. it was a whole new world in which i have never expirienced. after we were content enough we headed back to the school. the trails were great and basically everything was. we eventually got there. i was too fucked to hack so i decided to listen to my discman. however i couldnt get it to turn on sometimes it would but then 20 secs later it would just shut off. i couldnt fidure it out. so i decided to lay there on the feild looking up at the clouds and the birds. the tree tops. everything was as one. i seemed to be lost in eternity. sounds were indistinguishable. my visual connection with reality was lost. i started to sink or melt into the ground. anything i looked at would seem to be me i could see what trees were seeing or what clouds were seeing. i layed ther on my back for about an hour and a half. or at least it felt like it. somehow i got out of the trance and remember T. he was over on the basketball court trying to hack. not all that successful but hey. at least he could do it for more than one. (that is all i could do)

so we went back into the trails and wandered around with no destination. we just walked and talked. talking was hard to do because thoughts were racing thru my head at a speed to hard to comprehend. i remember one moment we were talking about somethin deep and the next, out of no where i say hey isnt my hoodie a nice color. it was just weird.

well again we were headin back to the school and i remebered that i wanted to check out this other spot which was in the middle of a gravel pit. it was this beautiful green mound with trees and grass in the middle of some shitty gravel pit. i mean come on. who on mush wouldnt want to go check it out. so off we went thru the gravel pit stopping every 10 paces or so to admire a rock or something we saw.
we got up there and that was another powerful part of my trip. i found this nice grassy spot at the base of a tree and layed down. we were pretty high up and lookin down on things. well as we were doin that again we both got lost in moments of elapsed time. we didnt speak. we just sat there (layed there) and looked up thru the trees at the sky. the visuals were very warped and everything was rippling and shit. everything was so full of life. we were ther for prolly 2 hours or so and the weather went to shit as we were there.it was pouring rain and we just layed there watching the drops fall. i could hear every individual raindrop hit the ground. they all sounded different like they each had their own personality. well we somehow made the descision to get out of there and find some shelter. we ran back to the school (this was quite a way but we had so much energy that we could just run forever, or so it seemed. we got there and sat up against a wall just trippin out at the ground and the wall the sounds of traffic and the wind. thunder was another pretty cool sound. well the shrooms were wearing off now so we decided to go back to my place. we were soaked to the bone but we just didnt give a flying fuck. we walked into my house (still trippin a bit mind you). we told my parents that we went to go play golf at the school and it started to rain. they bought it. so we went and got changed into some dry comfy clothes and came upstairs to find that they had made us pancakes for diner with hashbrowns and all the fixens. so we ate up and tried to act normal. this is very hard to do because eating when on shrooms is not as easy as one would think. plus i had to keep stoppin myself from laughin' ( for no reason i would almost burst out laughin). food tastes so good when you are on mush. especially pancakes with syrup, strawberries and whipping cream. well that about ends it we stayed up a bit playin some turrok. and by the way... i tried my discman out again and it worked 100%. it was weird. but then again when on mush anything can happen.
this report does not even explain how i was feeling at all. there are no words which can describe it. fellow shroomers i hope that reading this has done something for you.

peace and fairwell from lil' MushMan

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