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I was not normal

It all started by a phone call a friend caled and sayed they had some shrooms.

It all started by a phone call a friend caled and sayed they had some shrooms. we wanted some to so we went hunting when we returned my friends were there with theirs. so we have this big as garbage bag full of them. some one dared someone else to eat one so in return every one ate one. then we started cooking them we got a big ass pot filled it with water and started the burner. we started stuffing caps into tall white tube socks. once the sock was about halve way full we tied it off and put it in the water just like making tea. the water turned a purple coler wich is good after a while it ls almost black we decide that it is ready. we make some grape coolade (realy sweet) pour a glass of the tea and top it off wit cool ade. after doing this with about three glases we decide to make a nother batch.

This is were shit gets weird. wile they are making more i decide to go to the store. after buying some cigs i go get in the truck im sitting there waiting for my friend and the truck begins to roll back. or did it i hit the brack angd it dident stop it was the begining of my visuals. i realize this and get very happy we start heading home we are a windy highway and i keep losing my self in the pasing fielde and woods. once i reach the house my friends have the tea ready and every one is triping the disco ball is on and it seems that it is controling every thing if you leave the room with the ball u suddenly feel lost so i go back some one changes the direction of the ball and every thing gets wierd. the walls start morphing peoples faces change and i cant talk to any one noone understands me eccept k he is my roommate i start to wonder about things so i begin to play with shit coke u know the drink is fun wile peaking the bubbles try it. then this guy carl starts trying to trip us out and he does it he has us believing that he is working with the ball and they are both controling us. (not a good thing) he tells k the only person i can be around that he is melting and for the rest of the night he believes this no i dont have a fry buddie. so i begin to look in the mirror that is some freaky shit watching your body change any way his parents come home and start hollering becaus we are all out of our minds literaly. his moms face starts meting off and i get scared soon after this i begin to get scareed that this is permenant i start walking and cant stop its scary shit try its the wierdest exp u wil ever have

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