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Best time of my life

This is about my first trip of this blue-ringer season which occured 2 weeks ago.

This is about my first trip of this blue-ringer season which occured 2 weeks ago.Me and my friend Nick and Russel had just gone picking and had about 4 fresh pounds of psilocybe stuntzii.We decided to make some tea with a cofee maker(i know its not the best,but we were lazy).We made about 7 pots of medium potency tea total.We chugged the first 4 pots and then decided to take a walk to the park about 1 and a half miles away.I first started to notice the effects about half way there. At this time we were all giggling and started to have trouble controlling the volumes of our voices.We decided now was the time to drink some more, so we chugged another pot or so.after more walking, we finally got to the park,where we sast down at a bench and divvied up the rest of the tea.This was one of the best parts.We each started openeing up to each other.Since I have known Nick since the 3rd grade, we had alot to talk about.We noted that it felt like Russel was always missing from our group, and that now we were one. After we finished our tea we walked a little further to an abandoned lot near by.This is when I started to trip heavally.It was so seamless,probabbly the smmothest ive ever came up.I was talking to Nick who was standing on a dirt hill when I noticed something awry:his face was covered in eyeballs and looked very cartoon like.When he talked a hole opened in his face where his mouth should have been.The vision was somewhat blurry,as if my contacts were dirty.Next Russel noted that there was a never-ending tunnel of trees next to us.There were two trees next to each other like this /\/\.The V in the middle looked like it went out,not down and gave it the illusion of beeing never ending(I realized this after returning the next day out of curiosity).We decided to walk to the group of stores(fred meyers,safeway,etc..) nearby. When in sight of the stores we noticed a cop. We stopped dead in our tracks and panicked. After talking it over briefly, we decided to run. I swear I have never run so fast in my life,nor had such intense tracers(everything looked liked a smeared finger paint image). After reaching the relative safety of the woods,we decided to go see what was up,since the cop didn't chase us(duh,we didn't do anything).It turned out that someone had ran there car into the bar.Looking at the seen I started to have a bad trip.Thoughts of death and distorted images of mangled bodies ran through my mind. After talking with an old lady on the scene I was calmed,no one was seriously hurt. We then went on back home.The walk back through the woods was CRAZY.The tea I had drank at the park was kicking in more than ever.Things began to melt and all the trees were breathing deeply.It looked like all the trees were bending down toward me,trying to grab me,but in a non threating way.When I tried to focus on the ground it appeared as though a water droplet had hit the trail and everything rippled away from it.It was now raining lightly, and this intesified my trip 2 fold.I noticed the sound of every single rain drop and saw every single rain drop hit everything.I felt very earthy, and told Nick and Russel that I wanted to be a Pacific Northwest Coast Indian,because they knew what was up.We then sat in the woods in a circle and had an amazing conversation.It's exact details I don't remember fully, but it was based upon our love for mother earth,and how we need to lay off the pot and get a job, and stop littering, and do something with ourselves.There was some crying in there somewhere.I did have one very good insight which I think I will always remember, "I need to let myself happen more".

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