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In My Infancy

It all began when i ingested an 1/8 of shrooms on top of some toast, covered with strawberries and honey (pretty good for my own recipe).

It all began when i ingested an 1/8 of shrooms on top of some toast, covered with strawberries and honey (pretty good for my own recipe). I decided to just trip out at home by myself since i'm more into eating shrooms for the purpose of gaining knowledge about life, myself, and the world in general, then doing them as a party drug.

As i sat in my room with Pink Floyd on the stereo and some incense burning, i started to feel extremely anxious, like i wanted to go outside and explore....but i stayed inside knowing that i would soon be in a totally different state of mind very shortly. After about 40 minutes, i had entered the realm of the shrooms :) i layed on my bed completely naked under the softest blanket....i was now an infant....my body was constantly moving in the way that an infant's does, slowly writhing and getting used to a new body....i had no clue where i was, but that was ok because i felt so protected for some reason....i was processing everything around me in my mind....i absorbed every item around me as if it was new and wonderous.

I knew right then that i was part of something so big....i felt so much love coming from inside of me and from nature....i realized that everything we do and what we think is done/thought for a reason, and in the end it will all come together for us....i saw the world without any violence, greed, hate, jealousy, corruption, i was as innocent as the first day i was born.....to view my life without any of these inevitable parts of our world was amazing....i have never learned so much about myself and the way we all choose to live our lives...it was mind blowing

I would love to share the things that i KNEW when i was shrooming but they will only cause doubts among those who read them....if i can give everyone out there a message, dont disregard a belief right away, try to really think about it, and even if you dont exactly agree with it, dont dog on the person for their thoughts....just try and remember how shitty it feels when people laugh at your most passionate beliefs, and remember that we are all in this world together and we are all part of the One Spirit.

never regret anything....experiences can only make you grow

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