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Done with Mushrooms

I wouldn't say that I am experienced with mushroom use.

I wouldn't say that I am experienced with mushroom use. I've tripped 5 times and after my 3rd trip, I kinda knew what to expect and I was somewhat used to the effects. I don’t know if I experienced a level 4 trip or 5…maybe it was a bit of both.

This experience changed my life. It made me decide that I was going to completly stop using drugs (I only used marijuana and mushrooms), and start making something out of my life.

Mushrooms are fairly uncommon where I live. My friends and I did not know any connections that could hook us up with mush, so me and two other friends (I'll call them 'T' and 'G') decided to start growing some ourselves. We bought a mushroom kit, split the cost, and we had mushrooms within just one month.

We dried our first batch and planned on eating them on Friday after school. After school, T and G met up with me at a bus terminal. We then walked to the mall and bought some sandwiches to put the mushrooms in.

Our plan was to eat the mushrooms in a nearby field and walk to G's place, and by the time we got his house, we would be tripping.

We walked through the field and my friend 'G' threw me a bag full of mushrooms. They were still kind of wet (the desiccant we used to dry them did not work very well...) and it weighed out to be 9g's. I ate all of it, almost puking in the process. The mushrooms were extremely tough and hard to swallow and I had to take them out of my sandwich and just stuff them all in my mouth…YUCK!

By the time we reached G's house, I was already feeling some affects. I was having trouble breathing and my heart was going crazy. I had never had this happen to me before and I was pretty scared, so to calm myself I started listening to my discman. I was listening to the song “Lullaby” by The Cure…it was awesome. Very trippy. I lied down on floor and looked at the ceiling. It was full of patterns and moving around like liquid…I was starting to trip!

G and T said they felt nothing so they took some more mushrooms. I laughed at them and said that they were crazy (these guys have only tripped once before and it was a level 3 trip and this time, we all took the same amount) and from the effects I was getting at the time, I knew this would be the strongest trip I have ever experienced in my life. So, they ate a bit more and then we left G’s house.

As we were walking, T was getting really pissed off that he couldn’t feel the mushrooms (He probably did feel them, but he was pissed because he wasn’t tripping hard…). G was really quiet and I could tell he was starting to feel the effects. T wouldn’t stop bitching and it was getting so annoying listening to his negative voice so G and I both told him to shut up. After we said that, he flipped out. He then screamed something like “I’LL KILL YOU BOTH, FUCKERS! I’LL KILL MY FRIENDS FIRST AND THEN EVERY OTHER MOTHERFUCKER!” He wasn’t kidding either, he was REALLY mad at us. Then he started kicking a fence because a dog was barking at us. I was tripping so hard at this point, I thought we had to ditch this asshole before he gets us in trouble and gives me a worse trip than I was already having…

I said to G “dude, he’s going psycho…what should we do?” What G said back to me was not what I wanted to hear…G said, “don’t worry man, we’ll just hit him on the head repeatedly with a steel pipe and hide his body…” I was shocked. This was the only guy I trusted at the moment and after he said that, I realized that I HAD to ditch these guys. I thought they were absolutely insane. I knew I would lose control soon and I thought these guys would kill eachother or me. The mushrooms were coming on too strong and I had to leave.

I told G “what the fuck is wrong with you man?” he said “I was just kidding…” He was really kidding, but I was tripping too hard to realize it. I then stopped and looked at T and G and said, “I’m leaving…you guys are psycho’s and you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing…” I started walking away and G and T were yelling at me to come back. I said, “get away from me psycho’s…” After that they started walking towards me and I started running. They didn’t chase me far because I was too fast for them.

After I left them, I felt so relived. All of the sudden my trip went from bad to good. I had no where to go for about 6 hours and I didn’t even care so I started walking. I was too fucked up to realize where I was. It was getting extremely difficult to walk. I was staggering all over the place. I had a bottle of water in my hand and I was spilling it everywhere. I have retainers for my teeth, and I thought that they were melting in my mouth and I was chocking on the plastic. I couldn’t even feel my face…

Eventually, I reached a crosswalk. I didn’t know what to do. It was the scariest experience of my life. I stood there for about 5 min trying to understand what was going on. The cars were going so fast and I couldn’t keep track of them. Eventually some person came by and crossed the road, so I followed him. I must of looked like such an idiot. I was relived when I made it across, but unfortunately I had to cross about 5 more while I was walking. :-D

I don’t remember much of the walk…all I know is it felt like hours. Every step I took, I thought I was getting more and more fucked up. I didn’t understand anything. The visuals were getting really strange and evil looking, and my bad trip was starting over again. I couldn’t even feel my body. Every person I passed seemed to be evil. They were all trying to be so cool. They were trying to be gangsters…trying to fit in or something. It was so pathetic to see that when I was tripping. I then knew I had to get out of the city. I was getting negative vibes and I didn’t feel safe where I was. I knew that I was close to the outskirts of the city and I walked towards the farmer’s field.

I was so full of anger and sadness when I entered the field. I kept thinking about how bad the world is…full of hate and violence. I thought of death a lot. I kept saying out loud, “fuck you…” I started crying…what was going on through my head was too much for me to handle. Tears were running down my face, I was drooling and snot was coming out of my nose…but I didn’t care. I then looked up at the sky and started asking why. I was asking why the world is such a horrible place.

It was like I was walking through the desert…to my death. And I accepted that. I was so alone and I wanted someone with me. I just kept walking on and on trying to find something…something that will end it all. I stopped at a hill and turned around…the city looked like miles away…and I knew I had to continue walking.

Eventually I came across a small foreset. Even though the trees had no leaves, they looked beautiful. When I looked at them, they appeared to grow…and it seemed as if they were waving at me. Right then, I stopped. It hit me…the beauty of nature. The sounds of the birds…the sun shinning through the water. It was then that I realized I had found god. I was so overwhelmed I started crying again. Crying and laughing. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I sat down in the dead grass and just looked at the sky. I felt free. It was awesome. I thought I had seen god. I just sat there, thinking about my life and I decided I needed to straighten things out and change…

I must have spent 2 hours in that forest. I started getting cold and I thought I would die of hypothermia if I didn’t warm up soon. As I walked home, I thought of T and G…I seriously thought they were dead. I was still pretty fucked up at this point, and I kept thinking they might have killed eachother. I felt totally awful, but there was nothing I could of done.

I made it home, and went straight to bed. The next day, T and G knocked at my door. We talked about what happened and it turned out they tripped no where near as hard as I did. T and G were both pissed off at me for taking off, but they were amused at my experience…

I don't know if I will ever trip again...but if I do, it wont be for a LONG time. I'm talking about years...and i'm definatly going to stay away from my asshole friend, T.

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