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Zig Zags and Carrots

I hadn't done mushrooms in a long time because they are so hard to find here.

I hadn't done mushrooms in a long time because they are so hard to find here. But my best friend wanted to try them so we spent all day looking for them. After we got lucky, we hooked up with 2 other friends and had enough between the four of us to get pretty messed up. It was summer and nice out so we decided to do them outside. And where better to take them than in the catwalk under the bridge? So we climbed up there, at our shrooms with chocolate milk, and sat back and watched the river flow underneath us.
My friend started to feel hers right away but the rest of us didn't so we decided to smoke a joint. I pulled out my zig zag blues and started to roll a joint. But the mushrooms started to kick in and I got distracted and started dropping my papers down the grate and watching them float down to the river. They were leaving little trails of red and purple and it looked like they were flying away, just like little doves. I did this while the others tripped out for what seemed like an eternity. Well, 45 minutes and a pack of zig zags later, we decided to leave the catwalk. My peak must have been when we left because we went into Boston Pizza to use the bathroom and I tripped out. The entire room was purple...it was like a rave but I knew that couldn't be right because it was a resturant. There were balloons and loud music everywhere, and for some reason I found it strange that there were so many people eating at the same time in the same room. And I had this crazy feeling that everyone was looking at me so I bolted to the bathroom. Bad idea...the bathroom was nothing like the resturant. It was white, nothing but white. It was so plain compared to the other room. I didn't want to be there but I had to wait for my friend so I stared at myself in the mirror to pass time. My face looked so disgusting and I started to worry because Im usually a pretty nice looking chick. The my face started to melt and change shape. I kept asking my friend what was wrong with my face and she just sat there and laughed at me. That didn't make me feel any better. Finally we left. We decided to hitch hike back uptown because it was getting late and I was hungry. So we split up into groups so we would get picked up easier. Me and my friend got picked up by this guy in a huge company-type truck after about 5 minutes of standing there. I sat in the back because the guy was giving my bad vibes. I was lookin around the backseat and I saw that he had a salad from Wendy's. Interesting....but this guy must have known we were fucked up because I think he was purposly driving like Speed Racer to trip us out. Like this guy was weaving in and out of cars like he was a pro. At one point in time, he slammed on his breaks and the Wendy's salad went EVERYWHERE! There was nothing I could do about it so I just left the mess laying on the floor of this crazy guys truck. Then I heard a faint "hellllp meeee!" I was like what the fuck is going on here. I asked my friend what was wrong and he didn't know what I was talking about. I looked down and the shredded carrots from the salad were calling out to me, asking for help. They started throbbing to the beat of this guys crappy country music and crying for me to help them. I was very distressed because I didn't know how I was supposed to help them. So I leaned down to them and said "Fuck you, I can't help you, no one can." The guy driving was like what the hell did you say? I just sat back, grinned and said nothing. After I got home, I rolled a joint and ate some carrots...it just seemed appropriate at the time I guess. But now when I do mushrooms, I bring extra papers with me and I never, EVER go into resturants.

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