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Zelda/ Warzone trip.

Me and my friend Reub got some shrooms, that were killer.

Me and my friend Reub got some shrooms, that were killer. We only had 1 gram a piece, but they were worth it. Its My (dave) first time on shrooms, and reubs second. We ate them and waited about 30 mintues, and the house started to have a greenish fog or tint to it. Then, everything began to look weird, we proceeded to walk outside, and the cars in the streets were bobbing up and down as we were walking. This was in the afternoon. Visuals started to take effect, things were growing, shinking, the linings of certain objects were sort of 2D. We walked for a while, across a local train bridge, and one of our drug dealers came flying by on a ATV and scared the shit out of us. We made it across the bridge, and everything was becoming very mindboggling (sp?). We went down the street and approached this alley like area. With a building on each side and a wall between them in the back of it. It seemed to like like we were in a Zelda game, or LOTR world. We went further down the steet and came acroos an alley with a few old ass building, from around the 1940's. A helicopter went by, and all of a sudden, we seemed to have warped back in time into a war zone, the helicopter seemed to be shooting at us, and we heard sound of heavy artlillery and machineguns in the background. We Broke off after we stopped at the store, we broke off and retuned to our homes. My trip seemed to be over, but guess what, it was only beggining. I sat down in my tie die been bag chair, which was a bad idea, because i drifted off into a trance, and started looking deeply into my carpet, seeing intense visuals, carpet patterns were moving rapidly, making wierd shapes, and odd looking ICP type faces. I went into the bathroom, and was looking into the clear sliding shower doors, and everything on the other side, seemed to be warping around, because of the patterns in the door. Then i went to sleep. Now for Reub's experience. He went home, and was watching PBS on some weird indian shizzle, while listening to System of a Down, on surround sound. Hes has a towel on the back of his bedroom door, and it has a swimsuit model with some nice tits showing, but, he looked at it while playing air guitar(lmao) The models hair began to turn into a black, geomertic shape, and the models face started, to turn grey, and crack, the eyes were yellow, and chinging from yellow to black, making it look like the devil. The rest of the night was full of crazy ass demonic visuals. Rate my Shizzle.

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