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I ate at around 6:45pm.

I ate at around 6:45pm. I decided I was going to watch a movie on the coming up (didn't know it wouldn't take as long to come up). It was my first (and definately not the last) magic mushroom experience.

I walked into the theatre about 15-20 mins after eating the sacred soma. I was feeling a slight "stone" feeling. It felt better than begin stoned.

I sat in the theatre and watched "She's All That" (an excellent movie on drugs I might add). About 45-50 mins after eating, I began to notice slight visual distortions (the ceiling getting a "watery" look to it, the curtains "swaying in the breeze"). I went outside at around 7:45 to smoke a cigarette. I was barely able to keep a straight face while walking to the door. My manager (I work at said theatre) and another employee comes out to talk. I wasn't able to hold it. He knew, they all knew. But I didn't care.

I went back into the theatre, and then everything started to move. The peoples faces in the movie were changing. It was so beautiful. The tops of the seats began to look like ocean waves.

8:40: The movie was finally over and the big task at hand.... leaving the theatre quickly and driving home. As I pulled out of the lot, the road began to take on the apperance of a "windy rain" look. All the car's headlights had a beautiful rainbow around them. I felt like I couldn't go home yet.... I wanted to take in as much as possible. So I rode around for about 30 mins, watching the cars leave trails about a mile long.

9:20: Came home. Had to face my parents. My dad needed help with something on his computer (he's a comp. moron). I was not in the real world, and still able to do better than he was. Finally, it was over and I went upstairs. Mom was in bed, so I could zone out in the living room safely.

10:00: South Park came on. That was the best show I have ever seen. The kids had a fluidity to them. Everything seemed to have a perfect "wave" of energy flowing through it all. Everything came together perfectly.

10:30 Enter the YOYO. I recently had acquired a Duncan(tm) NEO YoYo. It is flourescent green and glowed quite well in the blacklight. I turned off all the lights, warmed up the blacklight and started going at it. It looked like 5 million yoyos all going at once. Circling and racing and flying all over. The floor looked and felt like water.

11:00 Went to take out my contacts. Some people cannot handle looking into a mirror while they're tripping. I love it. I took out my contacts, and stared at myself for about 5 mins. I looked totally different. Everything was perfect.

11:15 Back to my room. I arranged my room with LOTS of visual and audial stimuli for tripping. My room was the greatest in the world. I had the feeling of "being a person" for once. I looked at myself as how someone else would look at me. I realized that I am not as bad a person as I sometimes think myself to be.

11:30 Closed-eye meditation. I began to close my eyes in order to catch glimpses of other world in sync with the music I was playing (Crystal Method: Vegas. Very excellent CD. I recommend u get it.) I saw many worlds flying by my head and awed in amazement at the beautiful colors and fractals appearing from my minds eye.

1:30am. The experience finally wore off so that I could go to sleep.

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