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your a bitch moon

My parents had left for the weekend and it was a perfect time for some shrooms.

My parents had left for the weekend and it was a perfect time for some shrooms. my buddy came over and we had picked up a half O. after munching 7gs each at 2:00am we waited 20 mins and though we had bought some shitty shrooms so we decided to go outside for a walk. the moment the fresh air hit me the shrooms hit me i was in a totally driffrent world. we walked all around to diffrent parks and every once in a while we would stop and gaze at the moon which was going insane. The clouds where forming a vortex around it and in the center of all these purple clouds was the moon yelling muffled echoes at us but it was a friendly vibe so i just yelled back. after walking around for a bit we took a path to another park and while we walked down it we where gazing at the moon asking for its wisdome (which we knew it had because it has been their since the dawn of time) but since the moon wouldnt tell us i just got pissed off and looked down. this is when things got fucked. i stopped in my tracks, the entire pathway was filled with white writing in some language i did not understand. it was the moon beaming its thoughts down and to my great frustration i could not read this strange language which i though held the sercet to the meaning of life. at this point i was so mad at the moon me and my friend booked it as fast as we could into a forest where the moon couldnt reach us and for some reason i took my shirt off. this was a terrible mistake as we had wandered off the path into this pitch black forest and where walking on unkown terrain and all the while i was getting the shit scratched outta me. finaly we found the edge which was some ones back yard and when we hopped the fence and about a million dogs started barking ( we just had to hop the crazy dog breeders fence) this scared the shitt out of me and we quickly ran onto the streets and ran non stop till we got back to my house. at this point my trip wasnt going so good so we rolled up a nice J and smoked it and it really mellowed me out. after that i just sat back for a hour mayb until my trip went away. i sat up looked at my friend and at the same time we both said that was fucked!!!! all in all it was the time of my life.

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