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Yoshi, spikes on my hand, and the house that follows

I took about 3 1/2 g of mush.

I took about 3 1/2 g of mush. I found myself start to get paranoid.. but then it started to kick in and I started to laugh alot. My friends and I all took about the same amount but what we didn't know is that night the Nothern Lights were showing. So we were seeing things in the sky and we were freaking out!! Stars were swirling around and changing different colors. I couldn't talk to anyone. It felt like deja vu every 10mins. When we would try to talk about random things.. it felt like we kept repeating ourselfs.. over and over again. At one point my friend sounded like some sort of alien..
We went on a little aventure, near the woods. While on our way there was this woman wearing a green dress, and I swear I thought it was Yoshi (from Mario) at first! But I looked again and it was just a woman.
We went pass this white house, it looks really bright.. and I felt like it was following and stalking us.. it was always behind us, it was really trippy. I saw patterns every.. like faces on the grass.
At one point I went to brush my sleeve againt my face, and it felt rough.. so I looked at my hair , and there were little spikes all over it (I think it was something from the bushes) but I was freakying out, and one I would try to touch one, it would disappear.
I kept hearing echos.. and I thought people were talking about me.. and the air felt like it was whisphering.
We then went inside and went on some sites like www.acidtrip.com http://w1.736.telia.com/~u73602493/flashback.htmlan and another one that I can;t remember.
and that was probably the crazyiest trip yet.

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