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Yangoon Sideways-An-Under

The shrooms were consumed fresh (just munched on).

The shrooms were consumed fresh (just munched on). I had bought 30g of the Yangoons, and eaten 3 of them (my friend had eaten 2 1/2). We'd started off with a bit of alcohol which removed the nerves. Not too experienced with shrooms - had em once before (had acid twice - last year sometime) so it'd been a while. To my surprise when munching on them I found out they tasted just like.. well, fresh mushrooms haha. I expected them to taste awful for some reason!

The only way I can describe coming up off these would be to say it was like coming up off pills. The same butterflies in the stomach, the same giddy expectance and overall, the atmosphere was quite excitable!. I had a red Lava Lamp going which threw the whole room into a sea of hellish red, and we had music playing on my PC (We were situated in my bedroom, and due to the fact I live at home both my parents were sat downstairs). It was about 2:30pm when we munched them, i'd closed the blinds just for the lava lamp effect.

The first thing I noticed visually was how prominently rounded my friends face seemed. Reminded me of a ventriloquist doll! At first I was thinking 'right.. so is that the shrooms, or is it just the light in the room?' - soon to realise it was definitley the former. The closed eye visuals were amazing, but the red light thrown about the room gave off a bit of a menacing aura. I kept closing my eyes and seeing twisted red shapes and what I can only describe as 'supernatural' figures moving about, lots of kaleidoscoping and dots. I put Bob Marley on and drifted off into a deep closed eye visual where I saw him sitting down in my eyelids. When I opened my eyes I couldnt focus on anything, everything was moving/twisting/distorting in some small way or another. It was quite fascinating, and I was still in control enough that if something really shook me or confused me I could reassure myself it was only the mushrooms.

The laughing and smiling was crazy. We couldnt stop, and trying to talk normally whilst in hysterics isnt the easiest of jobs! The first time I got up was to go for a piss, and the world was seriously taking a strange form. I remember standing over the toilet thinking 'what the hell..' whilst the dots an the lights danced around me. Minutes turned to hours. We were listening to some Pink Floyd, and every song was an ethereal journey into the deepest corners of my mind and thoughts.

We decided to take a walk amidst this frenzy of new sensations, and it proved quite difficult. Got a bit paranoid at this point - walking up the Cul-De-Sac I live in, in hysterics trying to control myself so I didnt seem out of sorts to my parents (I shouldnt have even cared really!). We got off my street an the world seemed extremely maleable and flexible. Everything was bumpy and moving and I still couldnt properly focus. My mind was racing from thought to thought, then it would get caught up for seemingly hours on one long introspection in my head. Hills were mountains, walking seemed a task in itself. I remember my friend losing control a little bit at this point. Still laughing, but it seemed edgy and nervous and he kept laughing an saying 'no way I really cant do this'. We were going to walk into some fields near where I live, but the entrance got in sight and there was some people standing there (we think?) which was sufficiently enough to deter us. We decided to walk to my friends as he'd have finished work by that time (5pm).

The walk was crazy. We walked towards my friends through these garages and there was mums walking with kids near us. We were trying to look normal an get to my mates, an these kids kept running around and past us. Seemed a bit much to deal with at the time and made me really tense! Then we walked past the garages an down this path next to a field, and my first impressions were we were in the middle of a battlefield. I looked round and 7 or 8 kids legged it out of the trees into the field like.. in a big line, and we were just like 'WTF'. I visualized them charging into battle, really got caught up on the thought. The walk to my friends really felt like a long journey, filled with random mentally distorted acts and things to overcome and get through. Everytime I spoke it echoed around everything in sight and came back to me from all directions, it felt strange!

We got onto the last road towards my friends and cars seemed to appear on the horizon and absolutely belt it past us into the distance. Everything was stupidly amplified. It was quite a nerve-racking experience - the sound the cars were making were absolutely monstrous! It must have been rush hour, it was pretty insane! It felt like we were trying to cross a highway with all these cars flying past us at god knows what speed (though they wouldnt have been going fast at all). Looking back it was quite a dangerous thing to attempt! But we battled through and got to my friends house in the end. The next problem was knocking on the door - his mums quite scary and blunt with you. We dont like knocking on his door straight headed, so this was something else - a proper mission. So I go to knock on the door, she answers it, and I try seem as normal as possible. She calls my friend an he comes to the door, and I turn around and I swear to god my friend was running half-way down the street! haha, proper cracked me up. He said he saw me go to knock on the door an just thought 'fuck this, I cant do it' and legged it haha.

The conversation wasnt particularly flowing, and by that time i'd been left wondering why we'd come in the first place? Me an my tripping friend ended up standing there looking around us in disbelief at what we were experiencing. He kept coming out with seemingly scary things though, like looking around nervously and saying 'and just when you thought you had no problems in the world' and stuff. Kinda freaked me out but I managed to play it down in my head. Was still laughing and grinning, but I dont think we had any conversation worth speaking to my friend who ended up standing there like 'so..' It started to feel awkward and I started to feel a little paranoid. We stayed a bit, but then my friends tea was ready so we decided to head back towards mine again.

The way to my friends is mostly downhill, which naturally meant the way home was upwards. I mentioned the 'hills became mountains' earlier - and I wasnt kidding. We'd climb a hill, look behind us down it and it just dropped. Couldnt believe we'd actually just walked up it! Every little hill we walked up merited a quick stop and glance around at what we'd just achieved. The colours were all distorted, lots of pink and greens.. reminded me of a holographic label or something. The ground felt like it was moving beneath my feet, like I couldnt keep steady balance or the world couldnt keep a steady rotation on its axis. We went to get onto my cul-de-sac and shock horror, the paranoia came back. I was saying to my mate 'weve gotta keep it down an act normal if were walking down my street' and stuff, but we were both still laughing - I dont think I stopped laughing and grinning the whole trip.

We made it. We got inside and went upstairs to my room, though the stairs werent agreeing with my legs and I was taking seemingly giant steps to get up them. Got in my room and put hollyoaks on, and me an my mate were just discussing how 'not right' hollyoaks seemed. Voices were distorted, people were disfigured and it generally seemed quite 'wrong'. Fascinating though.. Simpsons was next. Now that DID take a bit of getting used to, seemed a lot more to deal with than Hollyoaks and the characters were seriously out of sorts. Colours were mixed up, the drawings seemed sketchy as hell. And the voices.. they seemed to come from every direction, quieter then louder.. The whole humour (which I usually love, favourite TV show) just didnt catch on, it felt like you were laughing at all the wrong things. It was very intriguing!

We ended up sitting there watching TV for a few hours and finishing the green I had until we came down. I was mentally exhausted and just needed to sleep! My head was still buzzing but I'd definitley left that place. Overall it was definitley worth experiencing and I'd do it again.

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