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Wowza wowza kachowza

Okay so I took about 3 grams of P cubensis on an empty stomach.

Okay so I took about 3 grams of P cubensis on an empty stomach. It started to hit me within 5 minutes and I just about crapped myself twice. After about 20 minutes I was seeing shit like mad and I asked my friend Jim if he could slice an onion for me. So at about the hour mark the onion keeps biting me on the ass but I can't get it to stop. Finally Jim whacks it with a pinata he had and the onion bounces into a million pieces before falling into this drain in the basement we were at. So then I ask Jim if he can rip open his chest for me and let me check out his heart. So he does but his heart is okay, so he closes himself up again.

After another hour, we were really going bonkers. Jim had ripped all the toes off of his aunt's sharebroker, and I kept flipping upside down whenever I piloted an old 747 Jim had stashed in his cloest. Finally I got rightside up and Jim ran out of toes, so we went off to the 7-11 to get some nachoes and Slurpees.

The guy kept looking at us funny so finally I yelled at him "HEY MAN, QUIT LOOKING AT US!" Apparently this made him mad so the police came, but we told him we were just a little drunk and he let us go with a warning.

Back home Jim and I played Twister for about 12 days and we would often get wrapped up in each other and find it difficult to get separated. Another hour or so and the trip was basically over, except for that UFO that tried to take us to their home planet, but that's another story.

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