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Wooded Wonderland

This past August a few friends and I went to a friends estate in upstate NY.

This past August a few friends and I went to a friends estate in upstate NY. The place was beautiful. A large house surrounded by woods and garden a small lake and a water fall. Old wooden bridges connected the main property to the guest house, where our trip would begin and eventually end.

We had 1/2 oz of possibly the best Psilocybe cubensis I've seen or grown. Myself and another, M, took approximately 1/8 plus a bit more, B took 1/8 oz and J (first timer)half that. We ate them with a bit of chocolate to wash them down. We removed our watches to disconnect us from the world of the real.

At the half hour mark, we started to get that cosmic floatling feeling rising from our stomachs, the magic was coming on strong. We tried to listen to some music, but nothing sounded as good a all the nature around us so we went for a walk.

The walk led us into an incredible area of thick dense moss, beautiful trees and of course the stream flowing into the lake. What a better place to peak than in a perfect forest. The forest bursted into patterns, the natural forms around us took on a living glow. I remember opening and closing my eyes repeatedly, since everytime I'd do so, I had a new world to look at. The closed eye world took the images from around me and made them into my own wonderland. The leaf patterns burned in my retinas and upon closing my eyelids they expanded into an infinte uninverse. I could feel myself getting pulled under the spell of the mushrooms, taken deeper and deeper into the soul of the earth. Every breath I took was laden with the earths energy, I felt it warm my heart. B and M were fully immersed in the forest as was I, and J, the rookie was overtaken by the childlike feelings he was experiencing. He has never really tripped, mdma was his 'hardest' drug.

We emerged from the forest and the air looked like a fluid. Everything I saw was from behind the finest silvery mesh. The waves in the air seemed to bend and move with my movement. I could see auras of energy eminating from my friends. At this point, M dissapeared. And we decided to play some psychedelic frisbee, which is by far THE coolest thing ever! We couldnt comprhend the awesomeness of a flying green plastic disc.

All the while, language had no meaning. Complex scenarios and objects and places were replaces with words such as this, there, that, here, it. For example, "I liked it over there (forest) but it's good here, now. We can always go back to that, but for now make sure we have this." Or even better, on describing the nature of the world, "These things are because they are, they will always be and thats fine. All we can do is let them be, for when we realize what we are, we will be." Ahh, the language of tripping.

B, started to get worried about M but we mulled around the garden and lake a bit before setting off to find him. We have no idea how long M was gone, but after some searching, found him in a plain wooden room in the guesthouse on a bed. He proceeded to describe to us the most unbelievable series of eidetic imagery(real people, objects, scenes, all with meaning). We sat in the room all together, when I had the best visual yet. My hand was resting on a wood dresser in a position that allowed my fingers to get numb. The more numb they got, the more my FINGERS STARTED TO DISSAPEAR! Serious back to the future style. I was happy at the sight of it, not scared, and learned to will my fingers into melting, this was interesting.

As the effects started to wane, J was still going. He stared out of a window for at least 45 minutes, loving the 'nothing'. When your're tripping there is nothing going on, but there is SO MUCH of it!

The trip dwindled down about 4 hours after ingestion, we took out the watches, and we were now almost able to hold normal conversation, still using too many pronouns however. So we decided to drive to Burger King, arriving at the 5 hour mark. Bad Idea. Civilization is meaningless after a trip so powerful. Food too, is awful. BK was so trippy, all the people just there, living their boring lives. Our pupils were still so dilated, and everything was still glowing. I felt the need to stand on a table and yell, "Hey everybody! Guess what we just did!" But I dont think the response would have been to warm. And that was it. It was my umteenth time shrooming, but so memorable. Goes to show, pick your friends wisely.

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