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Winter camping shroom report.

This is one from 2/11/02.

This is one from 2/11/02. Sorry about the bad grammar and punctuation.
So my friends and i went camping again. It was about 20 degrees with snow everywhere, but that didnt stop us from having fun. as a matter of fact it made it better. ONTO THE STORY!
We left friday night after i got off work. First we stopped and got some firewood at the grocery store and hopped on the 405 north to I-5. It was about 1:30 by the time we got there and we had been smoking pretty much the whole way up there. At first there wasnt any snow but as we got to about the 2800 mark there were patches, then at the 3500 mark the shit was everywhere. But we lucked out as we got to our spot. it seemed that our spot gets sun in the day and had melted most of the snow from just one spot, our camp.
We set up our tents and then proceeded to pack my bong with snow. We smoked about 7 bowls and then went to sleep. For some reason i woke up at around 9 and then my other friend did too. This left our other friend asleep in his tent. So we pelted his tent with ice and snow balls. He still didnt wake up so we got bored and smoked and then ate. We were still bored so we made an anatomically correct snowman. Dave finally woke up so we smoked some more inside of a tent and then waited for my other 3 friends to show up.
They finally showed up at around 3pm saturday and set up all their crap. We smoked some more then just hung around the fire and acted dumb. Since we were on the side of a mountain it started getting dark at about 4:30pm. We decided 5pm would be the time to eat shrooms. 5pm rolled around and they all made their dinners and ate their shrooms. i was makin some chili over a microburner and then dumped my half 8th in the chili. I sat in my tent eating till it was all gone and then just chilled out.
At about 5:15 i started giggling un-controlably at nothing. Then i looked through my tent vestibule window and saw the trees swaying back n forth. I knew it was about to get fun. It was now about 5:45 and i was just wondering around the woods talking to myself and laughing at nothing. I walked back to camp and called for everyones attention as i cut open a green glowstick and did my best predator getting shot immitation i could(screams included). There was green glowing crap everywhere. I left camp again and went on another walk. i just sat there ocassionaly laughing and looking around confused like making strange noises. So i kinda just crouched and squatted above the snow just staring straight ahead and laughing. I sat there for about 20 minutes and had some of the most intense visuas i ever had. I was seeing blobs forming then morphing into other shapes and pyscodelic colors. The stars had honeycomber coronas around them.
By this point i could barely even talk normal so i staggered back to camp and started climbing this hill that over looked the camp. My buddy Matt threw a glowstick at me and i yelled some weird word and dove out of the way, it looked like a meteor flying at me. I got him to join me at the top of the hill and we just stood there and looked out into the darkness babbling like incoherent retards giggling at nothing. Matt is the coolest friend i have, he's cool to have around because he's social and has a similar sense of humor. My other friend is an asshole at times and i really dont know what hes like shrooming cause i never hang around him... My other friend and his g/f, thats a whole different story. Oops got side tracked, back to the story. Till this day i dont know how we made it up those icy ass rocks.
I was probably at my peak by now and the snow all around me looked like sand or moonlight, even though there wasnt a moon out. I walked back to camp and sat by the fire and stared up in the sky for hours. I saw crazy ass 3d visuals and spirals and a variety of other crazy things i cant even describe, everything sounded weird too.
I took a flashlight and shined it into my eyes to look at my pupils. I didnt even have pupils anymore, just one huge black pupil it seemed. I was even drooling, man i was fucked up. This was a real enjoyable trip.
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