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who needs a body?

I'm about to share with you my first experience tripping.

I'm about to share with you my first experience tripping. Hope you enjoy!

I recently bought an eighth of p.cubensis, and was really eager to try them out. I had been looking through trip reports on this sight, as well as all the info I needed and I thought it was time to take my journey. I was staying over a friends house on a friday night, and his parents don't really care what he does, so we had a some people over to chill. I knew it would take a while to start kickin' in, so I quickly ingested the whole bag. We soon went out and smoked a few bowls of some nice kind buds my friend had, and then i realized that it might delay my trip so I stopped. Feeling quite good already, it took almost 2 hours for the trip to kick in. I don't even remember it started kicking in, it just blended with the "high". We were all on his couch in the basement, when everything around me seemed to be breathing and swirling. The ceiling was turning red and green, and moving quite rapidly. This was cool because I felt great and I was ready for it(so I thought). Within about 3 long hours of laughing my ass off about everything, I started to reach my peak. This was cool too, with all the swirls of colors on everything, melting of my hands, dripping of the walls, but when my friend took a look at me, he said,"oh shit." This isn't a good thing to say when someone is tripping for the first time. He told me I looked like I was dead, and i wsas wet with sweat. This isn't a big deal, but my body turned at this point. I remember forgetting to breath all the time, and I kept saying to my self "Am I going to die?" and "Why does my body look like it's not mine?" hard to explain but made perfect sense at the time. I had a very strong sensation that i wasn't in my body, and i just wanted to throw it away because "I" didn't want it. It was just a lame house for "me" to live in. I felt like I had 8 lives at this point (confusing i know) and i couldn't tell reality from my deep thoughts. This can be some scary shit! I think i may have reached a level 4 at this point. Time was meaningless, and so was I. once the feeling of not bing able to breath went away, I remember it was like slowly coming back into my body from this crazy mess or thoughts. once i was able to feel good enough to get up and look in the mirror, my face melted right in front or my eyes! scary shit when it really happens! Well by this point I felt as if i knew a secret or nature, and felt a strong connectedness with everything in my surroundings. This was incredible, no words can explain this feeling. As i came down, i felt refreshed emotionally and physically, and knew i was goin to be alright.

This was a very new and well worth experience. I strongly addvise everybody to try mushrooms keeping key points in mind. Don't worry, u're not gonna die just let the shrooms take u and u'll feel better. RESPECT THE MUSHROOM! this is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Also, be happy when you do them, feelings when u're tripping can be altered very easily and quickly, so just relax! thanx for reading. ~peace

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