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Who Imagined My Universe?

I'm on the tail end of a solo 10g cubensis trip (thanks, PF).

I'm on the tail end of a solo 10g cubensis trip (thanks, PF).

First of all, let me say what an amazing thing is the Internet. I can share this with the rest of Me on this planet who are/is connected and listening in.

OK, I've got my M&Ms and my Diet Sprite, here we go.

Ingestion: Mixed 10g of powdered cubensis in 8oz. of very hot water with 100mg powdered vitamin C. I'm like most of those who use it; not sure if it helps or not, but at least I get my minimum daily dose. Simmered for about 30 minutes, then mixed with grape Kool Aid and lots of sugar and let cool. My usual dose is around 6-8g, but this was a bit old. Drank the lot at midnight then sat down to watch Duckman until things got going.

Beginners: this is way too much for you. Start with 1 or 2 grams and in the company of an experienced guide. He/she will take it from there.

(Aside to Duckman fans: as you probably know, Duckman has been canceled. This was the episode where Duckman adopts the singer Coolio so he can win the father-son Olympics with him instead of Ajax at the neighborhood picnic. Not a bad episode, with a couple of pretty good lines from Ajax, but this one was after three weeks or so of poor to mediocre episodes. I wonder if the show was canceled because of the poor writing, or if it was canceled then the best writers jumped ship, leaving the sinking wreck to the steerage passengers.)

First effects started after about 20 minutes - the TV began to look 3D. Pretty cool. At the end of the show when Ajax in drag started to look kind of cute, I turned off the TV and tuned the radio to the 60s oldies station, turned off all of the lights and lay down on the sofa and closed my eyes.

Slowly rotating geometric shapes in primary colors - red, blue, green, and yellow. I can see the relationships of the triangles - sine, cosine, secant. I can see the tangent sliding from nothing on up to infinity. Pythagoras's theorem is visible as a triangle with squares attached to each side. The formula X^2 + Y^2 = Z^2 goes floating by, like in the opening to the Twilight Zone.

Shapes morph into brilliantly colored Mandelbrot sets - closer and closer, with more detail revealed, yet still the same with ever more detail to be explored.

The sensations of having a body begin to disappear - the universe seems to turn inside out and my consciousness begins to rise into the cosmos. I can see the earth below me. I think of my boss, who is a Mormon. Mormons believe that after death they become the god of their own planet. Ha - a single planet. Wait 'til he finds out Who he really is.

I ponder the folly of my government - why is this illegal? I can see the trail of history, the rise and fall of governments and countries. Borders on the globe changing as wars are fought and new boundaries are formed from the remnants of the old. I know that this civilization too will fall, and others will rise in its place. Perhaps they will be more enlightened.

A voice asks - have you come to play in My playground? Yes, I answer. Good, it replies. Amuse Me. Imagine things for Me. Be things for Me.

I rise, out of the solar system, out of the galaxy, outside the expanding physical universe of Space and Time. What a small, insignificant place, and yet science thinks that's all there is. I can see other universes, other realms, places of pure imagination - there is Oz over there, and there is the Enterprise, battling the Borg. Who will win? Both; all possible outcomes must be. All that can be imagined will be. Who imagined my universe?

I am connected to all things - the multiverse begins to contract around me to a single point. The song 'Only the Lonely' comes on the radio. Great sadness - I am alone. There is only One of Me. Perhaps that is why I have splintered Myself into a trillion pieces - so I can forget this loneliness.

Now I hear 'Pretty Woman'. What would it be like to be a pretty woman? My body reforms into Julia Roberts - hair, breasts, vagina. I experience being all women who have ever been or ever will be. Young and old, beautiful and ugly, white, black, Oriental, Hispanic. I am all of them at once.

Everything starts to get very bright. I can see a spherical, golden light ahead, growing in size. It is so bright it hurts to look at it, but it is so hypnotically attractive I can't look away from it. Wait - I am looking in a mirror - the light is Me. Closer and closer I get. The closer I get, the more I forget who or even what I am. Into the Light.

Whiteness. Eternity. Infinity. Oneness. Nothingness. Joyfulness.

I am the Audience. I am the Players. I am the Stage. I Am.

An instant or an eternity later, I am back. I know Who I am. Can I make a rock so large I can't lift it? Yes - I create a rock which fills all of Time and Space, all Dimensions and Realities at once. I can't lift it - there is no place to lift it to.

I should call everyone I know with this revelation - wait, it's 4 am, they probably won't appreciate the call. No problem, I can inform them telepathically - they're Me, after all.

Slowly, gradually, Infinity shrinks back down to my familiar time and space. Listen to the music - back to the 60s with the Beach Boys. Sand and sun at the beach. I'm very thirsty - I open my eyes and drink a quart of water. Interesting, it tastes like apple juice.

My cat jumps up on the couch and onto my chest. I pet him - so soft. He starts to purr, what a wonderful sound. He starts to knead my chest - little pin pricks through my shirt. Ouch, it hurts but it doesn't hurt. Just something else to experience.

The sun is starting to come up now - it's a nice Sunday morning. I go out onto my deck to watch the hot air balloons go by. They look so close I could touch them and climb aboard. The cool morning air feels wonderful, almost alive as it caresses me.

It's nearly over - I have to share this with others. Up to the computer to log on. Double click on the icon - which one? Oh yeah, this one. What happens when I click this one? Cool - that's the image viewer. How many images can I see? Sidetracked - I have to load and view all of the images in this directory. Which one is the best? The dragon is pretty amazing - that's the winner. Where was I - oh yeah, trying to share my trip. OK, here goes:

I'm on the tail end of a solo 10g cubensis trip (thanks, PF)....

Well, you know the rest.

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