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Wherz my ballz???

This was my first trip ever.

This was my first trip ever. I'm very thankful for the internet, because if it didn't exist, I probably never would have learned about shroomz. I read trip report after trip report and became more excited to try the suckers. The deciding factor in trying them was that they were natural. As of now I can say I will never do acid, or I don't think I will. I remember when I was younger I said I would never do any drugs, so who knows.

But anyways.... I started by eating about 2g in a hamburger at about 9:30. I was with 3 of my very close friends and there were also 2 girls, but they would be leaving at about 11:30 so i wasn't worried. I had read to do it in a safe environment, and I felt I was.

I sat around for about 45 min looking for signs of them kicking in. I felt a slight body buzz coming on and was like "oh ya baby.. I think they are kickin in". None of the kids there had ever tripped so they didn't really know the powers of the mushroom. About 15 minutes later I got this real euphoric feeling and had a huge smile on my face. I FELT GREAT!

We were watching the movie "Urban Legends" and I was telling them to turn it off because I didn't want anything to cause a bad trip. To my luck the movie ended just as things started to get weird. There was a plant above the t.v that started throbbing and seemed to be growing out over the screen.

After seeing that, I was excited to see what was to come. I then realized this kids basement was the trippiest basement ever. The wood walls had knots all over them and they seemed to be chasing eachother. The carpet was the type where it's just a bunch of colors. I started to stare real closely at it and a wise mans face appeared. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. When I stood up and looked at the floor again, there seemed to be a huge round indention in the ground. We went outside to smoke a couple bowls. The grass seemed like it was in high resolution, and I could see between each piece.

Once we went back downstairs, I saw a teddy bear that was looking right at me. His head would get real big then get small again. Since all they had done was smoked, they got all tired and went to sleep. This is where things could have gotten bad if I didn't know how to keep myself calm. They turned off all the lights and t.v and it was dead silent. At this point I was insane. I was thinking that if I was ever stuck like that, I would have to kill myself. I then made the greatest self-discovery that will change my life forever. Before the trip, I was never really sure what to expect when you die. I always wondered whether it was just "over", or if you moved on. I know am 100% sure you are never gone and you move on eternally. I'm not sure what happens, but it's just weird thinking about how you are going to be around FOREVER. Almost makes you feel trapped in a way. Anyway, I plan on doin the mushies next weekend, but am doin 3g's of some very good ones.

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