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where the hell did everybody go??

ive dont mushrooms twice in my life, once during febuary vacation and again on july 24th.

ive dont mushrooms twice in my life, once during febuary vacation and again on july 24th. this most recent trip felt like a big deal becuz i was having so much trobule finding them...it all started wen we found a dealer and bought 3 8ths of shrooms. one for me...one for my brother and one for my friend chuck. it turned out that my parents were going to be out from around 7-12:30 in boston. so we decided it would be a great idea to trip at the house. after we got to my house, my friend jesse called me up and asked me if i could sell him a little of my 8th so he could trip with us.i agreed and then he came over with his friend dave who didnt want any. we ate the shrooms around seven and then jus chilled out for a while and let them take effect. while we were waitin for it to kick in...these kidz jamie n brandon pulled up n chilled with us..chuck was the first one to feel any effects..we were sitting on the front stairs n he jus started laughing at everything and staring at the ground. i was gettin sketched out becuz i didnt think i was guna trip so i ate the rest of my 8th. after about an hour i started to see smoke coming in front of me as if someone was holding a cigarette but no1 was around. a little while later.. i was loooking at the ground and it seemed warped and it had designs in it....thats we i knew i was going to trip. so we jus chilled out and smoked butts until it got dark and that is wen things started to get fucked up. i remember going for a walk with chuck around the neighborhood and just looking at trees as if they were people, i felt like i was in a cartoon.i told chuck that his face reminded me of the lion king and he just looked at me like what the fuck are you talking about. as we started walking back to my house i noticed chucks teeth and they seemed like they were smiling and he wouldnt stop moving. then we passed by a bush and i looked inside of it and said "ooh i wonder whats in here" thinking it was a castle or sumthing. then wen chuck saw my house he ran towards it n i jus thought to myself..."wow that kid is fast" because he was like a blur. wen i got back to the house two more people showed up
and all i wanted to do was sit on my brothers car and look at the bushes. me and chuck had decided that we needed to go to everyhting there is to be done and we need to go look at stuff becuz we were so fucked ...as the night progressed i remember seeing jesse wrestle dave and he was so fast..then i was jumping on my trampoline and my front yard turned into a jungle becuz the grass needed to be cut.shortly after that we decided to rip bowls in my basement which got us even more fucked up. then me jesse and my brother were jus chillin out talkin about random shit like walkin to mexico. wen we went upstairs half the people left and chuck was leaving as we got up there which got me so confused.then we went back downstairs to chill sum more and i kept staring at my brothers eyes becuz they looked so kool..i felt like i was in a cartoon the way everybody looked. wen i went upstairs i looked in the mirror and it was like someone zoomed in on a video camera it was so weird...then 11:20 rolled around and jesse was about to get picked up wen he decided he needed to wash his hands with gas so he didnt smell like cigarettes...he wasnt just saying that either, he actually went into my shed and looked for the gas until his ride came...wen he walked to the car he was gettin a ride home from i saw him get in the drivers seat which freaked the hell outta me but i didnt care about anything so i got over it...my brother told me to call him a little while laster to see if he was okay..all i could say was, i dont care if he's okay becuz i dont have priorities right now and we both started laughing then we went out back and we found a soakin wet pair of pants on my deck which was probably the most confusing thing out of the whole night...shortly after that my parents came home and my pupils were the size of marbels so i went to bed n i was still trippin.i didnt end up falling asleep until 3 a.m. becuz i couldnt stop thinkin about the events that just ocurred..that was probably the better of my two trips......most of my friends say they are not going to do them again but i have every intention to keep goin...hopefully i can learn how to pick them soon

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