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What kind of tea?

Last night, I had my first experience with mushrooms.

Last night, I had my first experience with mushrooms. My best friend came to visit me at college, and we went to see some old friends of ours. There was about 5 people at T's house, we sat around, ate dinner, had a beer and talked about old times. Around 11:00 pm, I started to get tired, and having work at 8:00 the next morning, I went get my friend to leave. When we came back out, ready to go, another person that I didnt know came in the door. They asked T if he wanted to make some tea, and he smiled and put the kettle on. Being fairly naive to the whole drug concept, I assumed that he meant pot tea. We quickly decided to stay a little while longer, as neither my friend nor myself had gotten stoned in about 6 months.

After taking a few sips of the tea, which actually tasted fairly good, I sat back down on the couch and started talking with my friend about upcoming school exams and other mundane topics. My cell phone started ringing and I got up and went to the end of the hall to talk. About halfway through the conversation my brain literally ceased to function. It was very sudden and unlike any "stoning" experience. I started staring at the marble floor, which was swaying back and forth like a river. I looked up at the walls and noticed that as I breathed in and out, the walls moved with me. I was fascinated with everything around me. I had to end my phone conversation, citing a bad connection, and went back in with everyone else.
During this time I was looking at a flower mural on the wall, the flowers looked beautiful, and slowly morphed from standing up to slack to leaning out towards me in a 3D manner! There was also a strange green and red color which kept "flashing" over my vision.
Even with my ignorance, I knew that I was more than a "stoned." I asked what was in the tea and was met with hysterical laughter. It took T and his friend about 10 min. to answer me. They kept laughing and laughing. I couldnt figure out why they were laughing so much and suddenly my trip took a horrific turn.
I became convinced that they were laughing at me, and as I sat in the couch, trying to remember the past 60 seconds or so, I could only recall that they were laughing at me.
As we sat around talking, everyone was off in their own little world, adding idiotic commentary to the group every 30 seconds. I was very introverted at this point and kept thinking that they were making perfect sense, and I was just too stupid to understand them. I felt completely isolated from everyone else, and plummeted further and further into my own brain.
I thought about the craziest topics, from school to my ex-girlfriend to my relationship with my parents to ultimately a bad question to ask "what am I doing with my life"
While I was still far too incoherent to speak with the group, I kept thinking about my goals and came up with fantastic ideas to achieve them. Unfortunately at this point my friend asked me to get her lighter and I said I dont have it. I was so confused and kept thinking about how my new goal in life was to get the lighter. I looked all around before discovering that it was on the table next to me. Everyone thought that it was funny and I went back into my introverted paranoid little world.
As I silently sat watching everyone, everything became different. The biggest thing was that everyone's eyes seemed to be glowing. Everything started to loose its "realness." My compete departure from reality made me decide that it was time to go to sleep.
I tried closing my eyes, but all I could see was the most amazing color patterns. I kept trying to close them, and I was met every time by a new spectrum of colors. Finally, the colors melted away and a new "vision" appeared. This was by far the strangest and most interesting part. Although it sounds very cliche and similar to other things written on this site, I felt like I was dead. It was so strange to me, as I had total awareness that I was lying on the couch and at the same time I saw myself in the future. I used this time to think about my life and came to the conclusion that I needed to be more proactive. As soon as that thought occured to me, I felt 100 times better. I went ever further into my dream trance state, and eventually felt a tremendous calm rush over me.
The next thing that happened was my alarm going off, and getting up to go to work. I had to drop my friend off on my way, and we ended up talking about the experience, I found out that although I felt completely excluded and as though I had made a total ass of myself, this was not the case. Instead, I was just as much a part of the evening as everyone else. I thought it was amazing the difference between what I had thought happened and the truth.

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