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What is happening to me.....

I'm gonna start with a little backround on my drug history.

I'm gonna start with a little backround on my drug history......at the time of this trip (which when I'm typing this was 3 days ago) I had been smoking weed heavily for two years, and had eating magic mushrooms 12 times previously....my smallest dose being 2 g while the most extreme being a quarter. I was not exactly what I'd call a newbie.
It started on a wednesday when my brother nad my friend ate some shrooms without my knowledge.....well they were fucked out of their heads and I wanted some....my buddy sold me the remaining shrooms he had which was about 2 grams. Idecided not to do them at 8 on a school night so i waited til after school the next day.....mistake number one.
I was not sure what to do with the mushrooms....I felt i was too psychologically drained with the starting of a new semester, so i thought i would wait to eat them or sell them. Well i got off schoola nd realized how beautiful it was....without thinking abouyt it much I popped them into my mouth and chewed......washed them down with a drink from the water fountain.
As my friends got out of class, me, R, E, and B headed for B's house. I was the only one to be tripping taht afternoon. When i arrived at B's house i was not quite feeling them yet. E packed a bowl of weed and began tossing it around. At about my third hit I started to feel the change in perspective. It was uncomfortable, however, so i cut out of rotation. I began to feel the familiar urge to do something, to go somehwere, but I didn't know where I wanted to go. I was feeling very hot and sweaty...my stomache felt nauseas for the first time since i've been using shrooms. I knew this trip would be different. My buddies finished up hitting the bong then they called a taxi. At this point I was quite messed up...unusually so for the low dose i took. I went along for the ride in the cab with E, and R. E is an idiot who gets very high of weed and he was sitting in the back with me. I was tripping out on the constantly moving environment...and so was E, to the point i thought he was also on mush.....at this point i decided i could not take the bus home alone so i told E to come to my house with me and stay the night. He said sure and he would buy some more pot later on. The taxi dropped us off at the mall and me, E, and R began walking to taco bell, where R was to start working in 10 miunutes or so....Patterns seemed to repeat uniformly, my own hand looked like a foreing object, my legs were moving basically automatically....I was toasted. We went into taco bell and this tripped me the hell out....E and R bought food, but I found the concept of food nauseating, so I settled with some pepsi....I began to feel nervous because R's boss was looking at me strangely....R informed ot stop acting suspicious, as I was banging my hand on the seat and did not realize. Before I knew it R was in the back, working......so me and E left to mcdonalds to get mcflurries. E bought me a small mcflurry which i initially found unbelievably delicious, but as it turned into a pool of cream and smarties I found it revolting....i gave trhe rest to E who was munchin out like the newbie he is......then came the time ot get on the bus.....by this time it was about 2:30 after i ate the mush, so i feeled I was leveling off relatively smooth....the bus ride is about 30 minutes, but that day it seemed much longer...the way the light shone in through the window onto the seats struck me as such a simple beauty.....it moved me enough to scrawl a message in my notebook....BEAUTY.....upon observing the passengers of the bus with whom i see everyday but know nothing of, I began to feel an intense swell of empathy for all humans.....we are all lost in this world together....this prompted me to add to my former message.....BEAUTY.....THERE IS BEAUTY IN EVERYTHING......I felt such a feeling of calm, empathetic, compassion for everything on earth the entire bus ride....by the time the bus came to my stop i felt i had basically come down.
Me and E wlaked ot my house, and commenced to proceed downstairs, where I found my brother and my buddy little A....we proceeded to load up the 2 foot bong and have a sesson...after a few of these hits I was feelin pretty toasted, however nothing more than a weed high. Then, A decided he owuld smoke a fat bowl with me in hopes to get the jushrooms kicking back in......well, let's just say it worked.
This is whre things got strange.....after the bowl was pooched, I began to feel high.........really, really, high......everything ook on a dreamlike aura, nothing looked real anymore. I believed this to be a temporary stage of extreme highness, but the fact is it didnt stop. I went to get water to try to calm myself down but it was too late....my heart was beating at a rapid pace...my vision was completely altered....I informed my friends of my state and told them i need to get outside....on the way out i was caught by my mother and she began talking to me about school, I couldnt follow a word she said, so i responded in simple, confused "yah"'s.....I escaped form that soo enough. By this time I felt like I was in a cartoon....something wasn't right, at all....I had never been fucked up to this extent, I felt neither stoned nor trippin I was completely gone....I began to wonder why i was this fucked up, and with that thought came extreme ideas, fuelled by panic, psilocybe, and thc....was i dying? had i gone insane? I wne tofr a walk but it wasnt helping...I was too fucked up. I returned home and I continually drank glass after glass of water....after about 2 hours of thi madness I decided I should try to sleep it off, as I did have school the next day.
I don;t remember any particulars about my attempt at sleeping...I only remember the strangely lucid state of partial conciousness....my body was sleeping, but my mimd was going a mile-a-minute...painstakingly over-analyzing every aspect of my life and situation...I imagined I had snapped and would end up in a mental hospital...I thought i may have been dying....I swore to myself i would never be so careless with such a sacred object...the words coming form my stereo were all that was keeping me in the physical realm of existence....Nirvana, Weezer, Stone Sour all created a different mental mood for me...eventually I felt fairly sober, and I got up to eat and have some warm milk.....I fell asleep shortly after.
I learned form this experience. I know now to never use mushrooms unless I am in the proper psychological and physical condition. This day, I was exhausted, hadn't eaten anything in two days and I had been exhaustively analyzing my life in the days before...ironically, on that day i had even considered quitting shrooms....then a spur of the moment decision left me begging for the dull yet familiar mindset of sobriety. I didnt know what to class this...the inital trip was a level three, but the mental condition i was in after smoking the bowl with A I would describe as a level five...as experienced as you think you are with this drugs....shit happens...be careful, set means everything wyhen dealing with this holy sacrament...

PS sorry for the length.....however, if you learnt even a fraction of what i learned that day, then it was worth it...

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