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Wasp Burn

I would have said that this was a bad trip, but only part of it was bad.

I would have said that this was a bad trip, but only part of it was bad.

My freind and I ate 3-4 EXTREMELY large psilocybes that we had picked in Louisiana. The trip came on and was feeling really good. Lots of colors, 3-d, eyes-closed figures, and sounds. It was really nice until we decided to go for a walk. We went to an abandoned boat shed on the edge of the lake front. The breeze was wonderful. All good thoughts changed when I saw these wasps flying around. (We had a freind who was sober to ensure identification of reality). The wasps were real. Immediately I felt an awful burning sensation on the back of my neck. After this, I was convinced that I had been stung.

Now, it woudln't have been so bad if I didn't have really long hair. I was totally freaking out. My senses were amplified, so I thought that the tips of my hair on the back of my neck were wasps flying around my head and stinging me. The sober guy assured me that nothing was there, but I was convinced that he was lying.

We left finally after my begging to leave. On the way home, I felt like was about to die. I couldn't breath, my stomach was about to expload, and everything was turning black. I went back to my appartment with my freind and took of most of my clothes, with no success. The heat was awfull. The sober guy new that the temperature was just fine. They left but left me with an emergency number incase things got bad. I went to the bathroom and puked a few times. After this I went into a horrible crying fit. I was about to pack up and go back to my parents house, because of an overwelming sense of depresssion and failure.

Then, about an hour later, everything was at peace. Creativity kicked in at high doses. Happiness was at its peak, and I felt VERY VERY good. I was feeling like a million bucks, and there was about 4 more hours to the day.

I came down with no ill effects and had a wonder full nights sleep.

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