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Streets of Berkeley

Duncan and I had been trying to hook up shrooms all weekend.

Duncan and I had been trying to hook up shrooms all weekend. I finally hooked them up from EZ this morning and worked my ass off in order to make time to take them. My mom was gone for the week :) ...

DC came over and at approximately 5:15 in the evening we each ate an eighth of shrooms. We intentionally chewed the shrooms very fast, in order to make them kick in faster. We watched this cartoon about a talking shark for a bit. Fifteen or so minutes into it, I began to feel kind of antsy. I opened the door and went out of the room, and the darkness in the rest of the house was a striking contrast the my room.. DC followed me and was like "Woah, everything out there is weird." At this point, I was feeling quite a strong high. I went to the bathroom and took a piss. When I came back, DC's shirt looked crazy. He had a blue shirt, but the shadows looked almost black, while the highlighted portions looked like a glowing white. My stomach began to bother me, and I lay down. We noticed that the ceiling looked very strange around the light fixture in the center of the room. The DC went into the bathroom and I just chilled, resting my hear against the wall, staring at it as it began to warp.

When Duncan came back he told me how the plastic shower cover looked really cool. He sat down, and we chilled smiling, and we looked at the bureaus, and I noticed that the shelves seemed like they were going in and out. He noticed it too. He pushed all the drawers, and the effect went away. I looked at the ground and the wood floor began to glow orange and red where the finish had worn off. I looked down at my arm, and the hair in my arms was wriggling about. Then the skin at the base of all the hairs began to open up, the poors in my skin began to breathe. I got off my bed to inspect the floor closer, and the grain in the floor began melting towards me. DC's hand, which he had put on the floor, seemed to have the same pattern on it as the floor did, except it wasn't moving.

When I got up, the euphoria I was feeling became unbelievable. I felt as if I was on top of the world. I looked down at the rug, and the designs on the rug began to melt into its blue background, which was changing from dark blue to light blue in a constant flow. It almost looked as if the designs were fighting with the background to take up more space of the rug. Probably 25 or so minutes into this trip, we decided to head outside. As I left the house, I stared at the outside through the screen door, and the moment I stepped through the door, everything had an overlay of the screen door pattern. Even DC's face had this pattern on it for a while. In addition to this pattern, DC's face had a glowing outline to it, as many faces appear to when I trip. We walked to the corner of my street, and I looked at the house on the corner. The patterns in the paint had swirls in it, and the swirls would spin around, and get sucked into the center of the swirl. And other swirls would form a center point. I turned around, and the lines of tar in the pavement began to open up, and extended outward, reaching for the opposite corner of the street. The end of the lines would bend around and form little swirls of their own.

I looked down the street at this one tree that was a rich green with blooming yellow flowers. At first this tree appeared normal, then the yellow flowers began to move around, and scatter against the green background. I found this quite strange. I turned around and looked down at the grass, which looked strange and all, but refused to do anything especially amazing. However, when I looked up at the shrub behind the grass, it began to take the form of an enourmous monster. However, the monster did not move, and I was not tripping hard enough to be afraid of it or anything. It was just very interesting, and I can still see the form of the monster when I look at that shrub. I continued down the street with DC towards that tree that we had been looking at. As I stared at it, I saw that it was a tree bursting with life. I saw the outer branches extending, splitting, and growing in a constant motion. I saw the tree's never-ending effort to be more than it was.

We continued down this street until we reached its fairly intersection with San Pablo Ave. We walked over to a bus-bench and sat down. An enormous bus pooled up, which kind of threw me out of the moment for a bit. But as soon as it pooled away, I felt unbelievably great. I felt at peace with everything, sitting on that bench, watching cars go by. The cars sounded muted, and calm. DC pointed out the trash can to me, and the side of it looked as if it were bubbling. The building across the street looked like a façade. Suddenly, the street divided into a tiny diamond shaped tesselation, and green veins ran between each section of pavement. DC said he needed to go to the bathroom, so the two of us reluctantly left. On our way back, Then, as if someone had cued him, some guy riding a crappy old bikes with squeeking brakes rode by. I wondered how obvious it was that we were tripping. I called over to DC, and the way that he turned back to look at me made me laugh because it was so damn obvious. Duncan said something about the guys brakes, and he turned around, going back up the opposite side of the street that we were on. He then crossed the street and came back at us, riding right by us an saying somethin like "coming through." This gave me and DC weird vibes. On our way back down my street, the edges of DC's car looked strange, as if little lights were floating around the outer edges, around and around.

When I got inside, I picked up this old picture frame with two pictures in it, one of me and one of my brother. My brother's picture was kind of warping, but when I looked at my picture, it looked as if my head turned a bit towards me. My mouth looked as if it were trying to open and speak to me. The edges of my face would warp in and out of the background, kind of like the rug had been doing earlier. One of the eyes in this picture looked like it was deformed, kind of like Quasimoto. Staring at that picture was one of the trippiest things I have every done while tripping. I did it for about fifteen minutes until I had to go to the bathroom again. After going to the bathroom this time, I decided to look in the mirror a bit. This has always been and interesting source of entertainment while tripping, but sometimes slight freaky. As I stared at my face, first my pupils, and then the entire eyeball began to grow. My eyes almost looked like the were too big for their sockets. My smile also seemed exaggerated. This is when I began to come down from the peak.

I went back into my room, picked up a piece of paper, and dropped it. I began to laugh at how funny paper looks as it falls through air. DC and I began to pick up pieces of paper and throw them about. This only lasted for about a minute or so. He went back to typing. I decided to look at everything through my cup of water. I picked it up and looked at the ceiling fixture, which looked pretty cool, but not amazing. I swirled the water about, and the light from the fixture broke up into four lights smaller lights, and then into thousands of tiny lights. After DC got up from the chair by the computer, I went over to look at it. The seat is made of a zigzagging pattern of fluffy cotton. The cotton looked creamy, and it seemed like it was constantly thickening. The shadows would expand to become the light, and the light would contract into the shadows. The zigzags would warp, making it hard to see the perpendicular lines in the pattern. The string running through the cotton looked like it was completely separate from the chair, even though it actually runs both underneath and above the cotton.

DC and I decided to watch the NBC special that was on that night, Alice in wonderland. The strange thing about the movie was that it was hard to tell what was special effects and what was live action. Usually, both DC and I can relatively easily see what is what, since we both work with computer graphics. Eventually, I called up my friend EZ and he brought over a blunt and a dime-bag. I tossed him five dollars, and he rolled us up a nice blunt, which we proceeded to smoke. The weed mellowed me out more, and the euphoria I that I had been feeling began to feel more melancholy and relaxing, while the high I that I had been feeling intensified.

The rest of Alice in Wonderland was great. Everything about it was just hilarious, especially Martin Short, who I usually find more annoying than funny. During the movie, I came to an amazing realization that is too personal to talk about. But this realization gave a more positive spin to the whole trip. The trip went from simply fun, to more of a monumental experience all of a sudden, and I was filled with waves of joy and ecstacy. After the movie, DC left. I looked over at this snow-globe which has a snowman inside of it, and the snowman kept smiling at me. I went out and got some Jack in the Box with EZ, and then went back home to sleep. The snow-man was still smiling at me when I went back to sleep. This was a great, trip, and I wish to have many more like it.

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