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Shrooms And Ganja

My friend and I consumed about 1 gram - 1.

My friend and I consumed about 1 gram - 1.5 grams of mushroom each one day last year. We both just finished supper around 6pm and took the mushrroms soon after (I know this is not the proper way.) We then waited around for the mushrooms to "kick in" for the first 30 minutes or so. Nothing happened. Then we waited for another hour, and still nothing. We thought we may have bought "duds." About 2 hours later we went to a friend of ours who was going out for a few drinks.

We arrived at his house with no "mushroom buzz," and figured we should just smoke some pot and forget about it. At his house were a couple of people we did not know, and our friend Lee introduced us to them. Lee then proceeded to roll a couple of joints to toke on before he headed out to the bar. My friend and I had one or two pulls each off the joint and BOOM! what a feeling. It was as if we smoked an ounce or something. Cut here if you don't want to read about what happened next (bad trip) Something extremely strange was happening, I was terriffied.

At first was a feeling of extreme paranoia (sp) then confusion about what was happening. I looked at my friend and gave him the look I was feeling (terrifed!) I couldn't wait for these people to leave Lee's apartment. Lee said it was cool to hang there while he and his friends went out for a few drinks. Finally they left! My friend and I were the only ones left in the room and we could talk about what was happening to us. I could only hope he was tripping as bad as I was.

I kept on thinking in my mind over and over, revolving around the same topic "This must be what a bad trip is all about, I keep thinking and thinking of thinking." This topic revolved around my mind thousands of times, and I wanted to know if my friend was experiencing this as well. I looked at him and he said "I am losing my mind." We were both on the exact same level, this was the only good thing. Then, we started talking each other down, saying it is just a trip and we will be off it soon enough.

The strangest things happened to us. Anything that I was about to do, or say, my friend already knew. Anything he was about to mention or ask, I already knew the question. It was as if we could communicate without saying anything, but we talked to reassure ourselves. I would say "Do you want me to turn on the light?" thinking to myself no way should I turn this on. He would reply, "No way, do I want that on." And that would happen with everything we were about to do, (television, eating, drinking, answering the phone) this trip was so bad for us, it is hard to explain as I am sure you all know. It also felt like the pattern of the couch I was sitting on was taking over my body, and I had to move off it all the time. I know this may seem mild now, but it was truly frightening at the time. Has anyone ever had this mind communication when on shrooms, or does anyone know why this all happened to us?

Since then we have done mushrooms 15-20 times and nothing of the same has ever resulted. I am still scared to smoke pot when I do shrooms, for I fear the same experience.

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