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Shrooms & Acid

A group of my friends and I decided we would take some shrooms one night when we were bored.

A group of my friends and I decided we would take some shrooms one night when we were bored. There was 7 of us and we thought we needed at least a half of an eigth each. We took a ride up to Rutgers to our friendly drug source and got a nice deal. We ate them immediately and waited anxiously for them to take over. Inexperienced, and impatient as we were, the half-hour wait was long enough so we decieded to do one hit of acid each. Now some of my friends had tripped before, but I never had and I later learned that I wasn't prepared for pure POWER!! Sitting in the very back of an SUV the shrooms came on almost exactly when I swallowed the tab. I told my experienced friend and he said, "Oh, Shit! you're fucked!" This wasn't a very good thing to say to someone who had never tripped. I was now scared shit.
It didn't take very long for me to feel so good it can't be described in words. The street lights were all streamed together, and everyone in the car was laughing like crazy. I was just taking it all in in total amazement. The driver took us to this field in the middle of nowhere and I thought it was snowing. Everything was white! For the rest of the night it looked as if I was wearing 3D glasses. Everything was red and blue, it was awesome. The only time I got scared was when I saw a group of Grim Reapers huddled together and they were swaying back and forth. The scary thing was my friend saw the same exact thing! Anyway, we finished the night off with a drive to Manasquan Inlet to watch the sun come up. The whole night was amazing, and I suggest to trip with as many friends as possible. I've tripped after that and it was never as much fun.

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