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Raw Emotion

On saturday, september 17, 2005, at exactly 4:20 Pm in a park in Washington, DC, my friend and I each ingested 1/16 oz.

On saturday, september 17, 2005, at exactly 4:20 Pm in a park in Washington, DC, my friend and I each ingested 1/16 oz. of shrooms as part of subway sandwiches along with reese's cups and a hershey bar. We watched part of a random little league game in which one team was one kid short of the 9 needed to field, so one player from the other team played left field. we got some laugh as he cheered for the other team (his team) as they scored runs with him playing against them in left field.
We made our way up a hill and noticed a beautiful italian looking house and after marveling at it, we decided to sit across the street on the corner and look some more. It was then that i lost it.
I noticed the clouds in what seemed to be quadruple vision, moving in and out of each other, and found myself in uncontrollable laughter. after what seemed like 3 minutes of this non-stop laughter my friend could do nothing but join in. Laughing to the point of tears it seemed, i looked over at him, and he was crying...not just crying, but balling.
It then hit me that at some point my laughter had turned to uncontrollable crying as well, for no apparent reason.
I looked at him and said, we're crying man! He was stunned and in disbelief and then realized it as well, as people kept walking by which we barely noticed. Looking at eachother with that realization, we started laughing again...
Laughing so heard it turned to tears, then crying so hard, it became laughter.
So i wrote...Life Is Beautiful.
We relived that moment at least 10 times that day, trying to understand the power of emotions felt, how to get back to that point, thinking about how close laughter and tears really are....
and we arent sissy-men, nor are we jonny juice or marty meat, but we talked about how we never ever cry...except well, i cried in forrest gump and the last samurai.
So, the moral is, i definitely want to do it again, somewhat higher quantity and if possible, quality...and definitely with a close friend or 2
Im 22, 6'2, 200 lbs, oh yea, and kind of a stud with the ladies (had to throw that in there)

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