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MAOI Brings Distinct Visuals

I'd been wanting to try Harmala potentiation of mushrooms for quite some time.

I'd been wanting to try Harmala potentiation of mushrooms for quite some time. I'd done tons of reading on ayahuasca, and MAO inhibitors. I've read quite a few good reports of combining Peganum harmala seed with mushrooms. I feel it's important to be well read and mentally prepared before embarking on anything even somewhat unknown.

So that day, I took the proper dietary precautions, and at 8:00 I ate an extract of 3g P. harmala seed. At 8:45 I ate one gram of Psilocybe cyanescens. By 9:30 I was tripping......

YES, potentiating psilocybin with a MAO inhibitor works great! I tripped quite hard for only eating a gram of cyanescens (approximately equivalent to 2-3g cubensis). It was about the same strength as a 2g trip. The harmala roughly DOUBLED the potency! Which is what I'd read happens, but I was still not expecting it to be that strong with just one gram of shroomies. And the trip was sort of different too. Usually on mushrooms my visuals are of abstract shapes. With the harmala, I was seeing faint pictures of things...houses...a green lizard...the word "julianne"...many words I could almost read.....faces..... Also seemed like there were quite a bit fewer hallucinations in general. Perhaps a higher dose would fix that...

I felt very lethargic too, undoubtedly the harmala effect there. 'Course I think lying down in a dark, quiet comfortable place is the best way to trip out.

And the tail end seemed longer too. I don't think I slept until 6-7 hours after ingestion.

The trip was about 80% the same as a mushroom-only trip. Like the trip had "shifted" a bit.

Interesting, enjoyable, and as always, enlightening. I'm not sure I like it better than 2g with no harmala. I might have to try it again ;-)

I definitely recommend this combination, but please DON'T EAT ANY HARMALA SEEDS UNTIL YOU'VE READ UP ON MAO INHIBITORS!!!!!! Eating the wrong thing while MAO-inhibited could be very unpleasant, perhaps fatal.

Some favorite mushroom music suggestions: Steve Roach-"Structures from Silence" or "Dreamtime Return", Area-"the perfect dream", Cocteau Twins-"Victorialand", Brian Eno-"Neroli" or "Apollo", Material-"Hallucination Engine", Pink Floyd-"Pulse"

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