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loud silence

It was a beutiful Saturday.

It was a beutiful Saturday. There were no clouds in the sky and it was really warm out. I was at a friend's house whose parents were out of town at the time. He had about ten people over there including myself. Most of my friends were just drinking and stuff. But two of my friens had just bought an ounce of shrooms. They sold me some of it and we all started eating them at around 6:00 PM. I was getting really excited to trip because it had been almost a year since I tripped last. About a half hour after we ate them, none of us were feeling anything. An hour after that, still none of us were feeling anything. We realized that they had been whack shrooms,so we decided to drive to Boulder to get some more.
Boulder is a college town where CU is, so you can find pretty much any drug there. It took us about 45 minutes to get there because we live in Denver. Once we got there we found somebody who had some and he sold us a quarter. After this we headed back to my friend's house. By the time we got back it was already around 10:30 PM. My two friends who I was gonna trip with decided that they didn't want to trip that night because they were both tired. They planned on doing it the next day. I couldn't do it the next day with them because I had to work. So I decided that I was gonna trip by myself that night. My two friends who were gonna trip left and so did a lot of other people. After everyone left, it was just me and three other people at his house.
I ate them at around 11:00. We were all sitting in his back yard and within fifteen minutes I started to notice things. I was looking at a bush and it was moving just a little bit. A couple minutes later I noticed that this tree that was back there looked like it was sprouting more leaves. This is when I was really starting to trip. I was amazed at how fast it progressed after that. Within a few more minutes everything was looking crazy. I couldn't even hold a conversation with my friends because of how many different things I was thinking of at the same time. I was thinking of all sorts of crazy things that I would normally never think about. My mind was racing. Pretty soon I started to get an awesome body high. This was the first time that I ever had lots of visuals and a good body high. Before when I've tripped it was either one or the other. I remember when I was sitting there with my friends it would feel like I was just floating there. Every time I would get up and walk around it would feel like I was sinking into the floor. Other times it would feel like I was floating around. The grass in his yard looked like green water. It had waves and it looked like it was splashing too. It would also look like the grass had teeth and was trying to bite things. I wasn't paying any attention to my friends or what they were saying. I was in my own little world. Now,the weirdest thing that happened I think was when my friends stopped talking for a little bit it got extremely silent. It's kind of hard to explain, but the silence seemed to be extremely loud. The lack of sound almost felt like it was hurting my ears. I know that that's hard to understand, but that's the best I could describe it. It was really strange. Some of the bushes and trees looked like they had faces in them. This was by far the hardest that I've ever tripped. I tripped even harder that night than the times that I've tripped acid.

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