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Me and my four friends (Eric, Cody, Shelton and Chad) were asked by Cody's mom, Janice,to housesit the trailer she was living in for about three days.

Me and my four friends (Eric, Cody, Shelton and Chad) were asked by Cody's mom, Janice,to housesit the trailer she was living in for about three days. That day, Eric and his dad had just picked pounds of shrooms so we went to Janice's that night with a black trash bag half full of shrooms. I had started the evening out planning on only taking two hits of acid and smoking some doobage. I believe the trip off acid id way different, in a way, from shroomin' balls. I saw how much fun the three of them were having on the shrooms so I decided to pop some caps too. We continued to expand and blow our minds away from everything reality stands for for about 5 hours. We ate more shrooms than I can imagine. We all connected that night and knew what we eachother was thinking. Anytime I felt like going somewhere or doing something, someone suggested it before I could. I started getting rather defensive that people were reading my mind without my permission. I started believing everyone was conspiring against me, meanwhile the vast amounts of fractuals and colors I was seeing on everything was royally kicking my ass. We decided to go out to the lake, then so we hiked out to this place out in the woods where a bunch of people are usually hanging out. We found a raft (I don't believe you could really call it a "raft") that was just barely wide enough to sit down without falling in the water and long enough for about six people. We climbed aboard and used a flimsy stick to push ourselves out into the lake. I remember almost nothing while we were out ther on the raft. I lost all sense of time and reality and my mind and soul were both soaring far away from my body. In a moment I knew absolutely nothing, in the next, I understood everything. I believe we were out on the raft for about three or four hours and I started to come back to reality a little. I looked at my watch and it said 4:00 AM and here we were in the middle of Lake Houston on a board that floats with a twig for a paddle. We couldn't find the shore we left from and spent until 8:00 looking for it. When we got back we ate more shrooms. All in all there was only about a four hour period of time where I wasn't peaking in the three days at Janice's. So many incredible things happened. I remember Shelton not shutting up and us all kicking him everytime he acted out. He must have totally lost every grip of reality he has ever dreamed of having because his mind was blitzed. We couldn't calm him down. He was too loud constantly. I've never been the same since before that night. My mind has crossed into different thresholds of time and space and I believe that, what once was reality to me, is now just a fiding speck of a dream in a scheme much grander. My girlfriend came and got me the next Monday and I looked terrible. I hadn't slept in three days straight. I had been so far from reality for so long, I couldn't comprehend anything anyone said ! to me except Eric, Cody, and Chad. Shelton made little sense to me the entire time, though. I know this story is sketchy, but so much happened that weekend.

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