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Vampires want my life force

Low level dimensional beings

Lizard King, 1.5gm (I don't need much to get going) as a lemon TEK tea with lemon balm and mint to disguise the flavour, a cone of mj and Ginkgo Biloba and away I went. It hit quickly, faster than usual and I had to lie down and close my eyes. I become pretty paralytic at any dose so I lay back in my recliner and tried to ride the lightening as it pushed me along.

At first it was dizzying and I dropped in and out of consciousness, but then a group of about 5 entities, human, came along and hung around wanting me to share my energy. They didn't talk to me or anything like that but their intention was clear. Soon there were two groups competing for my energy, then another group - three in all. I was still dropping in and out, disappearing somewhere then coming back to see these 3 groups competing with each other to tap into me. I wouldn't have that but couldn't raise my energy enough to escape this particular dimension. 

I can usually pump chi into my navel chakra and blast out of this orbit of low level human vampires, so to speak. I am still recovering post covid and chi has been hard to generate. I tried to ignore these dudes but they were insistent and annoying. I could hear their chatter as they discussed how to tap into my life force. They couldn't harm me or steal my chi but I couldn't escape them either. 

After an hour and a bit I gave up. Still in a very spaced-out state I put on the TV to distract myself. It wasn't easy as I kept shifting in and out of consciousness, still tripping. At the start of the session I heard the mushrooms say to me, "we are here to serve you." That was nice to hear, and reassuring, at least I wasn't completely wasting my time.

This experience highlights that I still have a ways to go and I do need to find ways to generate decent levels of chi again. Covid has devastated me these past 15 months, don't let anyone tell you covid is not dangerous, by hell it is. It has affected everything in my life, but it also connected me with mushrooms and these interesting states of being that I had touched upon but never entered. 

My usual spiritual activity is traveling on the astral planes when I sleep, meeting teachers, other travelers, lots of ghosts, and people I know or who seek me out. None of that has ever been a problem or frightening at all. Mushrooms worlds are completely different and I am glad that covid led me, no forced me here. 

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