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Penis Envy 6 Mushroom

The Art of The Magic Mushroom
                                                          The Art of The Magic Mushroom is what I am calling my journey. I am not going to give a lot of background on me, but just in case you are interested. I am 22 years old; I am an independent cybersecurity analyst, and bug hunter. I don't have a lot of friends, nor do I know people who have done or know about Magic Mushroom. I only heard of magic mushroom when people talked about Coachella and how they would take them and feel magical or something. The only drug I have really tried is cannabis and I wouldn't even consider that as a drug because it's a plant, also I'm not so big on alcohol I would only drink when it's some special event or something, but I wouldn't get drunk only buzz because than it begins to hurt my stomach. I also don't enjoy not being aware of my surroundings. Hopefully this is as much background as you need. 

                                                             My Interest to trying Mushroom: I found an interest in trying mushrooms, when I came across an article from Terence McKenna and Dennis McKenna about their trip and journey into the Amazon. I found it quite interesting, the effect you get when consuming these so called "Magic Mushroom"? They talk about the teaching, the visual effects, and how they felt like they were somewhere else. I kind of liked it and wanted to experience that myself. I begin to read about mushrooms and in some cases study them. I'm a very curious person even in hacking. I like to break things in order to understand how it works and then try to fix it or break it in another way so with mushroom you can imagine my curiosity.

                                                         Finding Penis Envy 6: I got my mushroom from a website that was hosted in my local aera. Obv I allegedly "hack" their site to make sure it was real and not a scam. (Educational Purposes only) I mean come on I'm in the tech industry can't help it its almost second nature to scan new sites I visit for malicious links etc. The dude's name was Paul like the movie, lol he was cool I had a lot of questions, and he was able to answer them in a professional manner. (Which is why I trust him) I also... actually nvm lets keep going.  He told as my first type to try a micro dose which was these capsule fills with grind mushroom. He told the mushroom was called "Penis Envy" I had to look them up to make sure he was trolling me. At first, I was like penis??? I don't want no dick, but after some research I was like oh okay cool. Kind of excited. 

                                                     My Dose: This is going to be my micro dose experience; I will update on the other levels about my other higher dose experiences. So, since this was my first time, I wanted to see what the effects where. I got 4 capsules each 650mg and an 8th of dried raw Penis Envy 6 mushroom. 

                                                   Prep, Set, Setting: So, when I was researching about mushroom, they made it clear that Set and Setting were very important when taking mushroom, so I made sure I was somewhere safe, and away from the city. (I was basically in my room with the windows open on a rainy day.) I had my timer set as well because I learn that it takes about 4 - 6 hours for the effects to wear off. I figure if I have a bad trip, I can look at the time and see how long I have before it's over. I also grab a bottle of water. 

                                                 The Trip: I went ahead and took 650mg (1 capsule) of blend mushrooms, waited 30 mins and nothing happened, waited an hour and nothing happened. At this point I was disappointed because I felt like I just got rob or even worst lace! but after 1 hour and 30 mins the effect kick in. It wasn't life changing or anything, but I just felt more focus, and interested in things that if I was sober, I would find them boring. I begin to think and get into deep though. It was weird for my first experience, but I liked it. At one point I saw the wall move a little and I was feeling like I was going to see something crazy but no. The weird part was I felt like something was calling me. As if the mushrooms were inviting me into their hidden world and all I had to do is take more so I can be here longer and learn and explore. After the effect worn off, I begin to think and read more and write down my experiences to share with others. 

Hope y'all enjoy my trip, I will be writing more. 

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