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3.3g GT

First major trip, second time doing GT (previous >5yrs ago). Guessing this is a Level 4 or 5 trip(?) ..  Feel free to help me rate the level accurately. The following account was written after the effects wore off completely,  around 6pm.

10:30 AM Material prep, 3.3g GT for him 1.7g for her, soaked 20 min in fresh lemon.

11:45 Meditation together, sitting back on back on floor, opium incense, candles and music 

11:15 Ingestion

11:20 Short walk to forest for fresh air

11:45 Visual effects begin on way home

12:00 We lay down, she on the floor, me on the sofa, soft music playing in the background (see YouTube: Sacred Tree, 432Hz, Mystical Harp by Meditative Mind)

12:05 Deep feelings of love and connection begin, touching feet to connect

12:10 Both on floor now, cuddling/spooning

12:15 Feeling very mindful and cautious, I get up many times to make sure we are safe (check all windows, doors, water glasses, etc), checking on her comfort and well being; I chose to wear an eye mask and be in the dark, she without, eyes open. Back to cuddling.

12:20 Effects intensify quickly and dramatically, my mind is transported to another dimension of indescribably vibrant colors of blue, green and violet hues with fiberous strings of goldish yellow and white. I realise I'm deep in the mycelial network and it tells me I don't have to be here anymore, that this experience is enough. I start speaking with my eyes closed and masked and tell my partner I don't need to do this again. I already see it's power and purpose and enlightenment.

12:30 Emotions deepen, my eyes tear like overfilled reservoirs, feelings of deepest love and compassion engulf my being. I turn my head to my partner and tell her how much she is loved, how grateful I am to have her, how safe she is here with me, that I will always protect her and love her, constantly thinking about her presence and reaffirming her safety and comfort as she cuddles me from behind. 

The instrumental music we are listening to takes on words that become the nature of my being:
�� Some grow slow and some grow fast we grow.
Some grow slow and some grow fast, we grow.
Togeth-er... we grow, Togeth-er... we grow, ....
We learn, we live, we laugh, we love... we grow.
Speak less, act more, adapt, and love, and grow... �� ❤️

I am the mycelium. I am growing, decomposing, creating new life, being life. Everything my essence encounters / touches / consumes feels safe, nurtured and loved. I am compassion. I am love. Love is all there is and anything it touches is transformed into its essence in safety and nurturing care.

I see primordia growing, some in groups, some alone. I was alone, growing and learning fast, exploring near territories. My partner touched me, squeezed me as she cuddled Mr from behind. I feel her connection also in my mind. I see our connection in the mycelium. I tell her she is loved, she is safe. We all grow and learn and live and love, we grow.

I exist on the atomic level, I am now the size of the smallest quark. The colors around me deep and bright, blues and greens and purples flowing gently and slowly. We move along and exist at one frequency, it is love. We (the mycelium) are love. We consume everything around us slowly and gently with love.

Everything is connected. Everything is one. There is no me, myself or I. What I was or am only exists temporarily for a purpose - to learn, to live, to love, to laugh and grow. ��

I caress my partner's back. It isn't her back though, she is mycelium too, we are growing together, physically and metaphorically. I trace out a heart on her back. It's long and narrow and very imperfect. But then I realize I can try again and just adjust to reach out further and make it wider - I do it, and it's beautiful.

He body feels like an extension of my being. I follow the curves of her body as my arms extend and explore around me. I reach and gently squeeze the palm of her hand and trace out a smaller heart. It's a consecutive smooth line in a circle spiraling to its center and ends with gentle squeeze of love in the center. It becomes the symbol of our existence. ❤️

I'm no longer within the mycelium. I see dinosaurs now, but am not afraid. They fight and kill and eat each other, but they are not bad, and im not afraid. They only do what they can to survive. They too will be consumed by my nurturing love and grow.

My hand reaches under the sofa where there are usually spiders that I'm afraid of. I see spiders making webs, defending their space and eating prey, and each other. But they too are only there to protect and themselves to survive. They have a purpose and they are loved.

I see anger and hate, but they are embraced and consumed very gently and slowly by my nature. I am love and bring everything together. Negative emotions are loved and nurtured into healing. Everything is just tying to survive. There is no bad, everyone and everything is safe and loved.

I am now the universe and all it holds. I am connected to everything. I am everything.

An eternity has passed and starts again.

I see death in all of its colorful and inspiring beauty. I see cancers and various decomposing matter. It's the most beautiful thing to see, so colorful and so loved. But there is no fear, for there is no death. The essence of everything, love, consumes everything gently, with compassion, and it regrows itself anew. All are warmed and glad to be consumed by our essence, our slow gentle, rolling, colorful love... and given life anew.

Death is only feared by the temporal living, but the dying embrace the warmth of its compassion and infinite love.

There is so much more than what we think we know. Dimensions of indescribable beauty gently moving at the frequency of compassion and love.

What is, is past. We let it go, we consume it with our embrace and love, we build anew, we are one. We are eternal.

�� Together we grow, we learn, we live, we love, ... we grow. ��

14:00 Partner: "Are you back? �� Did you know you cried for the last two hours, almost non-stop? What happened to you? Are you okay? What did you see?"

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