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0.75-1g psilocybe cubensis

Unexpected & intense positive experience

Background: I had just received these massive mushrooms from a friend who grew them. It was an ounce and there were only 10 total mushrooms that made up this Oz. Before weighing them out properly with a precision scale I weighed out each mushroom individually with a larger food scale, so the weight was not exactly accurate for each. 

I work from home most days on my computer as a remote consultant. I was having a later workday and was finishing up some work at my desk a little later than usual and was preparing for a career conversation scheduled for the next day with someone higher up who was willing to talk to me about his experience at the company, etc. I was having a few beers while wrapping up work and was feeling a little loose and ready for it to be Friday. I called my dad to ask him about his experience when he would have these career conversations at work. While talking to him at my desk, I was somewhat mindlessly nibbling on the cap of one of the mushrooms in the batch that I had. This mushroom weighed in at 5.5g, and the caps were very, very dense. It was a shorter, more plump/dense mushroom in general, so it appeared to be potent just from looking at it. I ate off the corners of the cap totaling to less than half of the cap - the amount I consumed could not have possibly been more than 1 total gram in weight. 

I didn't really feel any come-up, hence still being on the phone with my dad, probably as a result of the alcohol. All of a sudden I start to feel the effects and a few minutes after that, boom. I look down at my phone and the letters from a text message seemed to have come from off the screen onto my phone, moving around once being able to focus on the letters and words. I tell my dad "Hey, I gotta go, I'll talk to you later" and as soon as I hang up, my phone seemed to almost break into components (or this is what it felt like in my hand anyway), similar to reports of mechanical objects taking themselves apart when people take DMT. I felt this intense buzzing in my body and it felt like I was being blasted through a tunnel, but it felt like I was moving sideways at a high speed through this tunnel (the tunnel seemingly being to the left of my body). That's when I knew - "buckle up pal, its gonna be a good 3-4 hours here in your apartment". I simply just took a very deep breath, relaxed and surrendered to it. I was not panicked at all, which was pleasant and maybe a result of not expecting 1g to provide me with this level of an experience. I laid on the floor on my stomach for a few minutes and felt my breath and wasn't thinking about anything in particular all that much. 

I went into the bathroom and was noticing kaleidoscope-like patterns on the wall, everything was rainbow and breathing. The wood grain laminate on my floor was flowing almost like a river and I couldn't stop staring at it. It was impossible not to see patterns on the tile of the bathroom floor. Once I adjusted to the visual and physical effects, I was feeling pretty good. I put on some music and just decided to stay in my apartment, which likely intensified the effects I felt. I still had full control of myself and I could speak to a friend I called (albeit in a bit of a strange manner, which he found funny), and I was able to still organize my thoughts. I decided to take a shower and was thinking about the career conversation I had the next day, a bit worried about not being totally sharp the next day as a result of this unexpected trip. But while in the shower, I had this overwhelming sense that everything was just fine and that work is nothing to worry about and nothing to let negatively affect you as a person. This was a comforting thought, as I regularly have anxiety in general about work life. I almost had a sense of clarity about how the conversation would go and it allowed me to drop the thought completely for the rest of the night. 

For the remainder of the night, I simply just relaxed and observed different textured surfaces in my apartment and just enjoyed the visuals vs. using the trip as a reflective/introspective experience. For me, this was quite an intense experience that had me feeling good for a while in the days afterward. Needless to say, at some point after this night, I ground the mushrooms up and bought a precision scale, and learned that these are not the average mushroom that you hear about. These have proven to be incredibly potent but also unpredictable in the level of effects they have produced at different dosages that I have taken since. 

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