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3.5 golden teachers

Moments of eternity


Having experienced many trips on mushrooms none of my psychedelic  experiences has ever come close to how profound this trip was and to this day just thinking about it radiates to the core of my being ...I  got home after a long day of chilling with my friends and smoking some high grade cannabis .I was super excited to take the shrooms and  i ate them  at around 7.00PM on an empty stomach  then  went to sit in the lounge to watch some trippy videos  on the TV while I came up.I didn't feel anything for a good hour then i went to smoke some cannabis outside  then went back into the lounge 
with no noticeable  effects for another hour i'm starting  to get a bit disappointed that the shrooms were super weak or something was wrong with  them .Then I start noticing one of the first visual effects starting to come in as I'm watching this trippy video on YouTube and I could see the fractal imagery coming out the TV. Then everything was back to normal it had already been 3 hours now and I was sure that was the peak of my trip and I felt very sober so I accepted that was my trip then decided to go sleep .I switched of my light and went into bed then I closed my eyes and began to see every single moment I ever lived inside a giant ancient  clock .Where i felt and extreme surge of pure bliss  that felt amazing this is when I felt as if I was now standing on my bed and then I felt myself go sit on the floor and near the door at one moment I even
bumped into the door and fell down  because I felt extremley dizzy   and could not stand up this is when i was like in my head" wtf are you doing man you're going to wake up your parents and their gonna see you're tripping "this is the moment I opened my eyes and realized I was in my bed the whole time .I closed my eyes again and felt this cosmic surge of transcendental light and pleasure that it made me laugh as I became the universe at one moment ,and I was it laughing at how amazing this whole life is. As I experienced every single moment  in the whole of the universe  unfold from nothing  infront of my eyes then it stopped and I had a thought loop back to where I became pure conciousness and laughing about the marvel of the universe. Things were  already getting intense as I've already lived a thousand lives  as  the
universe .Then this is were I'm at the point where I'm trying not to go back into that loop so I say in my head "don't think about it "and it comes to mind again and I loop back .I slightly slap my face and hear an echo of myself  saying" fuckkkk "as I realized i fell for the loop again. then I become pure conciousness and begin to fall through infinite empty darkness I began to have extremely  profound thoughts about my life as each experience came into play telepathicly into the pure conciousness I was  I try to open my eyes to go switch on the lights and see what the open eye visuals where like with the lights on.But I was stuck in this state of awareness for what felt like years  where I was creating the universe from nothing ,taking it apart  and  rebuilding it to create the next moment  into existence  .I then have another Closed eye visual of me
finally opening my eyes and getting up to go switch on the lights to check what the  open eye visuals are like. But  everytime I almost  switch on the light I get stuck in a thought and time loop  where I get back to where I'm in my bed and I just manged to open my eyes to go switch on the light and it happens over and over a thousand times where I'm in complete darkness and everytime I nearly get  to the switch  I get stuck in the same time and thought loop. So I feel like this type of unconscious being constantly trying to switch on a light in a dark room to become concious.  I felt as if  I would be stuck in here forever at this point I have completely forgotten that I even took a Psychedelic or that I'm just hallucinating  as it felt all so real and I felt a deep sense of sadness as I realized I would never see my parents again. This is when the last few moments before the trip
come into life infront of me one more time and I thought of those as being my last moments on earth .So I started to fight it  and try to get back to reality as it was becoming extremely  overwhelming then time fully stopped and I was stuck in a moment of eternity  where I I could not accept  my death ,not seeing my parents again  and having to be stuck in this infinite time and thought loop . This is when I accepted it all and a profound realization  came over me that  we can not stay attached to all these things we experience on earth as one day we will have to let it all go and move on ...we are only here as observers  and only passing by .. After this realization I finally  actually open my eyes and manage to switch on the light but when do I don't even know where I am as my room is completely gone and I'm in now situated in a completely
different dimension or  higher plane of existence . I just felt so purely concious  that I experienced and saw everything in
the universe build itself from scratch out of every atom and molecule then fall apart again and rebuild  itself over and over .this is where I accessed infinite or super conciousness  where i became each and every single person and thing in this universe down to an atom.i had a strong sense of connectedness to everything in this entire universe and lifetime   the thoughts were starting to become extremely profound and quite overwhelming as every profound thought and experience of a being everything in the universe at once left me in awe . At this stage I feel as if I am no longer the way of the universe expressing itself ,but that I am now the expression ...The thought of never seeing my parents again washed over me
again having a thought that i have risen to a higher state of awarness therfore  will never be able to go back to my normal human state of conciousness  and that I will just be pressumed  unconscious in the real world where my body will be on life support for as long as I live where  I will be stuck in this state of awareness for eternity .i couldnt  accept it... This is where I began to experience myself on the hospital bed on life support and that I've been pressumed  unconscious for years now and although my parents visited me everyday  I felt extreme sadness that I can hear them and feel their touch but I can't  respond  and that I will never be able to say a word again to them  also hearing my mom crying everyday telling me how much she misses me broke me to my core . This is when I just fully gave it all up and my ego was fully gone to where I just left all
my human experiences behind and was finally peaceful with being in this state of pure awareness for eternity  and it was was extremely blissful  after this the shrooms told me they only made me go through some of the hard parts because they wanted to make me appreciate life and what I already have more .After this I quickly came down as I began to recognize my room again and objects in it. I looked at the time and the clock  read 1:00 AM which means I was in this state for 3 hours to which felt like eternity I was really tired and went to sleep straight after .I woke up  feeling great and and had an amazing afterglow for a week an this new found appreciation for life .it's been 2 months since this trip happened and the thought of it still blows my mind to this day 

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