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2.5g Albino PE, first trip in 15 years

Mind blowing experiance

My friend had been going on about this mail order place and all these trips he's done and I guess it inspired me to go to inner space again. I ordered an 8th of albino penis envy and to my surprise it was supposed to take 5 days it arrived the next day. I was pretty stoked as the wife and kids were back to school shopping out of town so it was a good time for me to do it. I hadn't eaten breakfast when I checked the mail and was on my way to grab a bite, but I went home and dosed instead. Ate them with some Nutella all by myself.

5 or 10 minutes later I could already feel them coming on and I was trying to finish doing some dishes and feed and water the dogs before I forgot about that stuff. While filling my dogs bowl with water in a dark bathroom I was already getting some visuals, the water rippling off the bowl while filling was pretty cool. My steps already felt super light and colors were getting brighter and feeling super good.  I went to my garden shed to have a quick hoot. All I had was some dry diamonds and my first time seeing diamonds dry like that, I was expecting to use my dab rig. Trying to use a torch and getting these dry diamonds on to my poker tool thing was getting harder by the second, I managed one kinda small hoot and gave up knowing I probably won't even need any as the trip was building in intensity at the 15 or 20 minute mark now.

Went back inside the house. I had some Ween playing, but very surprisingly I shut it off. I usually always trip with music but maybe sounds were annoying me. I really started to come up now. Had a feeling of  me? my thoughts? something stretching way up to the sky and spaghettifiing. Earlier on before I even knew I was going to trip I randomly saw some video of Bill Gates talking about how we should be concerned about people like Elon Musk with unlimited money reshaping out world. In this early phase I was kinda tripping out on Elon and how he pretty much could rule the world through his technology and power. Also I had a ceiling fan spinning right above me as it was hot as balls outside and in my house. I swear I could hear a high pitched noise coming from the fan (again with sounds annoying me) and thought it is the built in frequency drive and my thoughts went on to how crazy it is we have electricity and how it's made and transmitted and that I was ok with that sound as a byproduct of it.

Now it's been 30 - 45 mins in and my guts were right fucked. The next phase of the trip was me trying to get comfortable. I was feeling very body heavy already as well and would get off the couch with great effort and get a drink of water, or take a piss. Be mid deep thought and think I need to remove this constricting belt and have a thought of my friend being like classic and laughing as if he were on the trip with me in the room. Visuals were coming on super strong by now. Very fractally and glitchy visuals. I'd go lay down on the grass in the yard and the tree branches would be weaving in and around each other. All I could really do is grunt and focus on my breathing. But when I did focus on breathing I'd be like exhaling and it would turn into a whisp coming out of my lungs for way to long. Trip started taking a darker kind of tone somewhat. I remember thinking I don't like this nausea feeling, but also thinking I'm not having a bad trip just forgot how I didn't do mushrooms for so long because of the gut rot I get.

Lost track of time by now, but still aware I had a timer in my head of the approximate time wife might get home. Still on a mission to get comfortable I realized I was way too hot and needed to cool off by having a cool shower. It took so much effort to get up the stairs and I was very aware I could fall to the bottom and be paralyzed and spend the rest of my trip dealing with that, so I held the railing like my life depended on it. On the way up such intense visuals of my hand reaching for the rail but like hands morphing out of my hands in fractal patterns and the wood grain on the stairs was also getting incorporated. I finally got into the shower, my white tiles and glass block wall totally gave it an alien ship vibe, but like benevolent aliens made of light. The cool water felt amazing and washed away any bad vibes I may have been brewing. The water visuals were so amazing, each drop had a mother of pearl kind of look, or maybe a light being separated by a prism feel, anyway it was beautiful. When I got out I laughed out loud because Penis Envy was about the most opposite way would describe what my manhood looked like. I laid in my bed for a bit to regain some energy and get some more comfort, had some tripping out on my kids artwork on the walls.

Feeling rejuvenated I went back out to lay in the grass. Closed my eyes and had a visual of some ancient India type of figure all yoga like and very blue and purple tones to it, and in my find I told the shrooms to fuck off as it seemed way too typical of a image. I then noticed my puppy had been focused on something since before my shower and I finally went over to check it out. He often plays with bugs, but the little fucker was playing with a wasp. So glad he never got stung. Squished the wasp and went back to tripping on the grass. This time when I closed my eyes it was all red and brown and could see an Aztec like pyramid with rows of triangles above it all moving in alternate directions. I was kind of in awe at this sight and my favorite part of the trip.

By now my stomach was settled and it was kind of smooth sailing and maybe the actual peak. I felt like I was the universe and this is it, reality, the universe, me, this was just it. I felt like if I died then and there the energy of me would still be exactly the same as it was in that moment. It was as if the universe didn't know what going on either just that this was it.

 4 or 5 hours later I felt like I should do something "normal" in case my wife and kids got home. I could feel my thought getting a bit more normal now. I tried to put on Netflix thru my PS4. I couldn't get past the blue menue screen because my kids killed the batteries on all the controllers and never recharge the shits. I was still getting intense enough visuals I could not really read the no battery warnings, but that didn't matter and even a blue PS4 menu screen was proving enough visual patterns to make it entertaining. I eventually gave up on that and went back to my bed. Some more tripping on letting my thought run free and looking at how amazing some of my kids art is.

Then it just kinda went away. My brain was like thankful for the comfort of logic returning. My wife and kids came home and my wife was asking my I'm smiling so weird. I never told her I did shrooms, she'd be like you loser doing drugs at your age. My kid ran by in a stripey jump suite and I still had a little bit of residual visuals. My other dog was wagging his tail extra hard when I saw him. Felt like everything was going to be alright.

It was definitely the most visually intense trip I ever had, other shrooms I did never even came close to acid like visuals, and did my share of acid back in the day and it was way beyond that. I remember during the trip I thought this gut rot and fatigued feeling just wasn't worth it, but after unpacking the trip yeah it totally was.

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