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Weraroa tea NZ

First time

Some little weraroa shroomies found me the other day in a Wellington pine forest. 

I prepared them by washing them, cutting them up and steeping them for 15 minutes in a cup of herbal tea with a teaspoon of honey. I hadn't dried them, just had them fresh. 

I was nervous about the taste, but it was actually fine. The first night, I had my cup of tea around midnight, not realizing they had a stimulating effect. I watched a documentary while I waited for the effects. I had a very small amount and didn't feel any different. 

I listened to a past life regression meditation and let my mind wander. The last thing I remember was some colorful geometric shapes, like a kolidascope. Then I feel asleep. When I woke in the morning, I felt really peaceful and content with life. 

So the next night I did exactly the same with the remaining shrooms. I went to bed and listened to the music of the rain. I thanked the universe for sending me such beautiful sounds to soothe me. My mind wandered again, but this time far more creatively. The inner monologue combined word combinations I'd never previously thought of. I thought of my parents and felt at peace that they are not in my life. They don't deserve me and I have done well without them. I thought a lot about work. I had some epiphanies that have helped me to map out a career plan that suits me. The shrooms helped me identify my strengths. 

I suffer PTSD, anxiety and chronic back pain. Even though I take 150mg of venlafaxine daily, it never really takes the anxiety away. I still took my medication as usual, and during this experience I felt safe, warm and comfortable. My aches left me, I could breathe deeper and more relaxed. The anxiety completely left me during this experience. It was the first time I had felt completely comfortable in my bedroom (we moved in 5 months ago)

Eventually I saw jellyfish like shapes in shades of blue and grey behind my eyelids. I wondered if I opened my eyes they would still be there. I opened my eyes and they were gone, but my curtained window seemed to have changed angles and gotten larger. 

I had many excellent revelations which are still coming back to me today and I was very grateful for the experience. Today I feel at peace, and have no anxiety. I hope it lasts 😊

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