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5g Psilocybe Cubensis + 2 Bottles of Prosecco

Warning. Never Do This!!

Having consumed 2 bottles of Prosecco between 3pm and 10 pm I went to bed in a pretty woozy state and began munching on 5g of dried Psilocybe Cubensis for a 'trippy' snack. 2 hours in after the giggles and light show subsided, I sank deeply into my pillow and began drawing only 1 breath about every 30 seconds. All concept of time had stopped. I was clearly entering a deep state of respiratory depression and my mind was rapidly dissolving into a state of nothingness. I swear the shrooms knew I was in danger and accessed my speech centre. My mouth fell open slightly allowing a voice so deep, and spoken so slowly (at the rate of about 1 worded instruction every 15 seconds) - [ YOOOOOOU, MUSSSSST, BREATHHHHH..., DEEEEEEEEPLY... NOWWWWW...] These instructions went on for two hours or so and kept my body oxygenated. Having pulled through, the hours between 2am to 9am were spent flapping the quilt and downing copious amounts of water as I reflected on the idiocy of this cocktail.

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