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4.4 grams of dried Fiji

Most insane trip I've experienced

I've taken shrooms about 5-6 times before, but I've only ever gotten to maybe level 2 or a low level 3. This time was completely different. I soaked the grinded shrooms in lemon juice for about 15 mins then added orange juice to the mix and gulped it all down. I never like the initial come up of shrooms, the body high is so weird to me. My friends started playing music and I could feel every part of my body vibrating from the music. The music started to sound distorted and feel like it was getting farther and farther away. Eventually I needed the music off because I was peaking hard and couldn't deal with it. At this point I started to freak out slightly in my head, wondering how strong these shrooms were. Finally I laid down on a couch, closed my eyes, and suddenly everything was ok. I felt this intense wave of euphoria all over my body. With my eyes closed I saw patterns that I can even explain. I saw inside my head and had thoughts about life and death and the world. I felt connected to everything. I at one point, with my eyes still closed, completely disconnected from my body. I was not a human anymore, I was just the mind, the consciousness, and I dissected parts of my mind that I had never explored before. As I opened my eyes a few times during it, I realized that I was in fact a human, a meat bag just being piloted by the mind. I continued to close my eyes and explore my mind. I have never done any kind of therapy or anything like that, but these shrooms opened up my mind and gave me peace. For the first time maybe in my whole life, I felt like everything was going to be okay. My friends had been chilling with me for 2 hours while I tripped on that couch, but time had no meaning to me. Eventually they had to leave and I was just starting to come down but still tripping. As I got off of the couch, I had to almost remember how to be a human again. I realized that this meat bag I was piloting needed water, and to go to the bathroom. As I took a piss, it felt amazing coming out of my penis, pure fucking euphoria like an orgasm. The whole bathroom was moving and I had to hold on to the wall as I pissed. My friends left and I sat in my backyard for a few mins, enjoying nature. Everything was so beautiful, the trees, the birds, the insects, but after a while I wanted to finally go back to my room and lay down. I laid on my bed, listening to music and crying. Not tears of sadness but tears of joy. Crying because I finally felt like I understood the world and life and death and love and just everything. After about 4 hours I finally started to feel like I was a human again. I looked in the mirror and I almost didn't recognize myself, I looked like me but very primitive, almost like I was a monkey. As I took a shower I felt the warm water cleaning my meat bag and as I emerged from the shower, I felt reborn. I realized that I want to be a better person, to live a better life, and to take care of my meat bag better. One day we will all die and dissolve back into the universe, and if there's life after death that's great, but it doesn't matter. What matters is right now. Living in the moment and enjoying this crazy trip we call life. 

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