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1.4g led to level 3 trip

I have just recently started microdosing (>0.2-0.3g dried Cubensis every few days which I grew myself, thanks to the advice on this site) to cure my depressive episodes - the effects are remarkable. However, on two occasions I decided to experiment a little further with larger doses, once with 1g, and yesterday I was about to take 2.8g, when I decided it might be too much for a first try at a dose greater than 2g, so I halved it to 1.4g. I used the lemon tek method. I am a 60 year old male, and I weigh 90 kg. My experience contained all of the effects of a level 3 trip, which I wouldn't have expected at such a low dose. At one point I was sitting in my darkened basement - no light- and the fantastic 3D visuals reminded me of M.C.Escher's art-works: networks of 3D interconnected paths and bridges and arcs, in colours, all with cellular/geometric structure, intertwining away into the distance, and -strangest of all- a quiet alien-like figure in outline over to the left of my field of non-vision that just sat there with me. Eerie, but calm at the same time. I can't believe that I had such a deep experience on such a small dose, and I'm wondering if I'm just more sensitive to psilocybin than the average, or was it the lemon tek. I took the dose at 6pm and by 9pm I was down, so it was fast, but very intense for such a low dose. Next time I may go for 2g.

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